Sunday, October 7, 2018

Tigers, Elephants, and Clowns Oh My! (YC) - Teacher Sheri

Have you ever had a tiger come to tea or seen a rainbow colored elephant? Well, we had fun exploring these things in the books The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Elmer the Elephant! Read on to learn about our fun filled week!

Our first art activity of the week was tea bag painting! The kids decorated beautiful paper teacups by dipping tea bags in colored water and dabbing them on the cups.

Out in the hallway, they were invited to play a game called Elefun and tried to catch paper butterflies in their nets. It took quite a bit of hand-eye coordination!

On Thursday, the kids used colored links to make Elmer the Elephant's trunk as long as they could. They worked hard getting the links to click together and choosing their colors.

Their artwork was sponge painting and making their own colorful elephant. They turned out so cute, unique, and vibrant!

The kids spent a lot of time at the water tub, which was filled with tigers and tea sets!

The texture table was full of wild animals and windmills. This area of the room consistently appeals to the children and they benefit so much from sensory play.

The kids enjoyed balancing and stacking colorful animal blocks.

Unique animals could be created with a mix of interesting animal parts. They loved putting these together!

Here are some pictures of the children engaging in their surroundings with games, puzzles, blocks...

...creating and painting...

...playing with playdough...

...and imaginative play.

Also, our puppet theater with finger puppets was a big hit!

At carpet time, we sang songs, heard stories, and played with rhythm sticks.

We even got dry days outside!

A highlight of the week was our Ice Cream Social! It was so much fun to see everyone and their families. BJ the Clown was a hoot and there were some serious belly laughs and joy in that room. We also saw some amazing painted faces!

It's hard to believe our first month of school is over. We love getting to know this sweet class! Next week, all things Halloween will be spicing up the classroom....October is a fun month!

Take care, 

Sheri and Lisa

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