Sunday, October 7, 2018

Clowning Around in the OC! - Teacher Christine

The circus came to town and we had a blast! We kicked the week off with some special circus activities, songs, and lots of fun!

The children were drawn like bees to honey to the cloud dough in the water tub. Instead of water, we filled it with soft, fluffy cloud dough made from flour and baby oil and sprinkles and the children had so much fun scooping many different "flavors" of ice cream to share with their friends and teachers. 

We always love making interesting shapes out of our playdough!

At our fine motor table, we has a big tray that the children used to spin a variety of tops.

Creation station continues to be very popular! This week we had colorful circles cut for ice cream and cones to glue and decorate.

At the light table, the children found delight in squishing the water beads and liquid watercolor inside bags. These sensory color bags are a fun way to explore color mixing and texture. They discovered that placing the blue bag on the yellow bag made green. Mixing red and blue made purple!

On Monday, we made clown collages. The children identified the different parts of the face they needed for their clown. Some clowns have beards, some have ears, and many have lots of colorful clown hair and beautiful button eyes! These are displayed on the bulletin board just outside the classroom. Please take a look -- they are so creative! 

On Wednesday the children dictated who they would like to invite to tea and decorated their dictation with drawings and stickers. This activity is based on a book that we read last week called The Tiger Who Came to Tea

On Friday we got messy and created cotton candy paintings with a fun mixture of shaving cream, glue, and liquid water color. The children loved the sensory experience of squishing the mixture onto their cotton candy shape and used their fine motor skills to cut out their cone. At the end, they topped their creations with glitter!

We had lots of circus themed activities for the children this week. They used their fine motor and number recognition skills to unlock little cages with animals in them. They also played a fun game called Glee Ring Circus.

Clown and ring builders came to visit the building table.

The children loved using their gross motor skills to roll, hop, and balance on our circus obstacle course.

No circus could be complete without a tent. The children loved playing together in our little tent on the carpet. Dramatic play was full of fun and creativity of all kinds! This group is so busy creating collaborative games.

At circle time, we learned a new song about a little blue balloon and Teacher Meghan taught us a fun clown finger play. We celebrated several birthdays and had so much fun reading, dancing, and doing our favorite yoga poses. We also celebrated three special birthdays!

The highlight of our week was our ice cream social, face painting, and wonderful BJ The Clown! It was wonderful to have the children and their families visit for such a special event. Thank you all for coming!

We love to run and play games together at recess...

As always, thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us. Tomorrow we dive into the week with bats and spiders!

Christine and Meghan

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