Sunday, October 7, 2018

The circus came to town! YC - Teacher Meghan

The circus came to town this week bringing balloon painting, squishy clowns, a crazy obstacle course and most importantly, the Ice Cream Social.

On Tuesday the kids painted with red, yellow and blue paint using balloons as their painting tool.

On Tuesday the mess continued at our science station with baking soda and vinegar explosions. The kids could not get enough of this bubbly experiment.

On Thursday the kids created squishy clown faces using a rubber band for a mouth, a puffball for the nose and crazy googly eyes. They put all of these facial features into a bag with hair gel and finished it off with colorful tape hair.

On Thursday the kids got to practice their gross motor skills by participating in an obstacle course in the hallway. The bounced, balanced and crawled their way through this fun adventure.

At the water tub this week we had cloud dough which is a combination of flour, baby oil and sprinkles. This concoction was perfect for making "ice cream".  Armed with scoops and cones the kids busily made frosty desserts all week long.

At the texture table we had popcorn for sale.  The class got busy scooping and dumping.


At our building table we had clown builders for the kids to use.

We had tops to spin and twirl at our fine motor table this week.

At our light table we had water beads dyed different colors with liquid watercolor. When the bags were stacked on top of each other the beads changed colors. Most of the kids enjoyed squishing, squashing and smashing these colorful bags.

We had tons of circus themed fine motor options available this week including glee ring circus and locks and keys.

Our budding artists got busy this week, stamping, painting and creating ice cream art.

Squishy blue play dough was a hit!

The circus tent kept many of our friends entertained on the carpet.

The kids were busy playing in all corners of the classroom.

Sweet Mabel receives so much love during the day.

During circle this week we danced with scarves, learned a song about a balloon, and participated in a fun flannel board clown activity.

Thank you to all the families who were able to come to the Ice Cream Social. We loved watching all the laughter and excitement that filled the classrooms. It was a great night!

We have an exciting week ahead exploring bats and spiders!
See you on Tuesday,
Meghan and Christine

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