Sunday, May 20, 2018

Butterflies and insects in the YC-Teacher Susie

Our butterflies have hatched!  We were so excited because every day we came to school there were more.  We will have them in a tent this week for the kids to hold if they choose to.

Our touch table had blocks and animals in it.

We had frogs, lily pads, sponges and nets in our water table.

Our building table had bugs and cube builders on it.


Butterfly shapes, buttons and strands of beads were a hit on our light table.

We read The Hungry Little Caterpillar and are making our own version in a few step process.  On Tuesday the kids painted coffee filters to make their butterflies.

Our second project on Tuesday was wrapping Mother's Day plates-hopefully better late than never!

On Thursday we planted sunflower seeds which will be transplanted outside.  At the beginning of the school year in the fall we will take the kids' pictures by the sunflowers.

Our second activity on Thursday was assembling butterflies.  The kids got to tie a pipe cleaner around the coffee filter they painted on Tuesday.  Then, they added beads onto the antennae.


Here are some pictures around the room from our free play time.




This week we celebrated a birthday and shared more of our houses at circle time.


As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan