Monday, May 28, 2018

Hungry caterpillars and beautiful butterflies in the YC- Teacher Meghan

We had such a fun week finishing up our butterfly unit and getting started on our family unit.

The highlight of this week was getting the opportunity to hold butterflies in our butterfly tent on Tuesday. This is a pretty magical experience and the kids did such an amazing job being gentle when holding the butterflies.

On Tuesday the kids made fuzzy caterpillars using tongue depressors, puff balls and chenille stems. 

On Thursday the kids assembled their "Very Hungry Caterpillar" story bags and practiced re-telling the story using all of the props they had made over the past week. The kids LOVED re-telling the story to each other and us.

On Thursday we started a multi-day project of building houses  using wood, hot glue and a piece of sturdy cardboard as a base. Half the class assembled their houses on Thursday and the rest will make their houses on Tuesday.

In our water tub this week we had dirt, silk flowers and vases.

Creative art occurred all over the classroom this week including at the painting easels, creation station and the dry erase board.

We had giant tinker toys available at our building table this week.

At our light table we had the life cycle of frogs and butterflies. It was fun to see these creatures in all stages of their development.

At our flannel board we had the flannel pieces for The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The kids loved using this opportunity to tell the story here as well.

We pulled out a game called Honey Bee Tree this week. This game was very popular but the kids needed some support to play it. We will have this as a parent led activity next week so the kids can all learn how to play it!

Here is a peek of all the action happening around the room this week.

The kids LOVE sharing their houses with friends.

During circle time this week, Teacher Susie read a silly story about a guinea pig who wore glasses.

We love playing with your kids!
Teacher Meghan and Teacher Susie

The House That Small Friends Built (YC) - Teacher Lisa

The children were so excited to build houses this week! They selected pieces of wood and used a low-temp glue gun to assemble them on cardboard bases. They will get to paint their houses and then add clothespin families over the next couple of days.

The other thing they really enjoyed were the babies in the tub. There was lots of soap for lathering to wash hair and bodies, bottles for squirting, and towels and diapers to use once bath time was finished. I think some of the kids would have hopped in, had that been an option!


They finished story bags for The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
They can tell you the story by pulling out their hungry pom-pom caterpillars and pretending they're eating the different food pictures in the bag. For their grand finale, they tuck the caterpillar back in the paper bag (as if it's a cocoon) and then pull out a beautiful butterfly!

As we've been talking about the metamorphosis of caterpillars to butterflies, we've also read some stories about frogs because they go through a similar process. As an extension of that, one of our parent led activities this week was playing a "Hop Along Frog" game. Players pulled a frog out of the pond and let it "hop" to a lily pad with a flower that matched the bottom of their game piece.

Some of the other things going on around the room were Duplos on the light table.

There were toys called "Zacks" on the building table and it was fun to make little boxes to hide animals inside.

The wild animals from our carpet area were in our texture table again.

There were butterflies and Do-A-Dot paints out at the creation station. Of course, kids are always encouraged/welcome to do whatever they want to with the materials available on shelves in this area.

Our dramatic play area has been bustling with super heroes, office workers, families packing up picnics and kitties in all sorts of scenarios. 

The race track came out on Thursday and we had lots of fun creating a loooooong race course!

Thank you for sending in baby pictures. We have them displayed as a "lift the flap" game where children try to remember which friend is which (recent photos of them are under the flaps). They get a kick out of seeing each other as babies.

We've had fun singing "Tootie Tah" at the carpet and everyone continues to do a great job sharing their houses. As they are shared, we're putting them on display in the hallway. We also learned a song about five speckled frogs and sang a second song about jumping frogs using the colored scarves.

Here are a few more photos of your sweet children during their school day.

Our school year is quickly coming to a close and we are so proud of this class! They no longer seem like the brand new preschoolers that entered our "younger class" back in September and we can't wait to see what next year will bring!

:) Lisa and Sheri