Sunday, April 29, 2018

Who are the people in your neighborhood? YC, Teacher Meghan

This week we had many fun activities available for the kids to play with and explore.

On Tuesday we made strawberry and banana smoothies. The kids helped to measure the ingredients and cut up the fruit for the smoothies. Most the kids LOVED the results of all their hard work.

In celebration of the warm weather on Tuesday we brought out the bikes. The kids learned all of the guidelines around biking at school and got to peddle around the black top and burn off some energy.

On Thursday the kids got to paint with spaghetti. First they chose a paint color and squirted paint onto their spaghetti. Next they tossed their spaghetti using tongs to mix in the paint and lastly they plopped their colorful paint drenched spaghetti onto a food tray. This amazing art will be going home with them on Tuesday, keep your eyes peeled.

Our second activity on Thursday was making shape pizza. The kids worked on identifying basic shapes and colors while creating a fun pizza pie.

In the room this week we had a pizza parlor and a vet clinic available for dramatic play. The kids had so much fun making pizza for their customers and healing all of the sick stuffed animals that showed up to the clinic.

Here are a few pictures of your kids in action at the pizza parlor.

Here are some snapshots of all of our future vets and doctors.

At the texture table this week we had a garden. Friends got busy planting and harvesting vegetables and flowers.

At our water table we had a car wash with giant sponges and scrub brushes. Those cars were squeaky clean by the end of the week.

At our light table we had x-rays and bone builders.

At our building table we had a vintage little people town with a post office, ice cream shop, school and a playground. This kept many of our friends occupied during free play.

One of our favorite table activities out this week was a drill and bolts.

Around the room the kids were busy playing and learning.

During circle time this week we read more books about our community, sang a funny song about spaghetti, danced with bean bags and celebrated a birthday.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that there will be some sweet chicks to observe at school on Tuesday. 

We can't wait for another fun week ahead!
Teacher Meghan and Teacher Susie