Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mischevious Leperchauns in the OC - Teacher Meghan

Mischief was afoot this week in the OC. A little leprechaun  came to visit our classroom, leaving us clues and creating a bit of havoc that culminated in a treasure hunt on Friday.

Our classroom was decked out in a rainbow and St. Patrick's Day theme.

We had trolls, gold coins and rainbow colored bowls at our texture table.

In our water table we had gold coins, jewels and cauldrons.

We had a shamrock counting game at our game table.

At creation station we had several projects with a rainbow theme.


We had a discovery station with prisms, kaleidoscopes, mirrors, gems and magnifying glasses. 

We had multi- colored foam blocks at our building table.

Here are a few pictures of your sweet kids at play around the room.

On Monday we created three dimensional rainbows using a cloud base and multi-colored strips of paper. The kids got to choose how to attach their strips using a stapler, tape or a combination of the two.

On Monday the kids got to graph with Lucky Charms marshmallows. What a delicious way to work on sorting, graphing, counting and math concepts like more, less and same.

On Monday we also discovered a mysterious note that we believe the leprechauns left the class. Once this note was discovered we spent the rest of the class searching for clues.

On Wednesday we made a large trap for the leprechaun. This was a collaborative group effort and the kids had so much fun working together on this project. We have it on display in the hallway this week. Take a peek if you have a second.

The kids also painted rocks gold in hopes of fooling the leprechauns.

On Wednesday we also did a science experiment that involved black plastic cauldrons, magic green stones and water. The kids made a prediction on how many rocks the cauldron could hold before they would sink. They then tested their hypotheses. 

On Friday when we came to class we discovered that the room was a mess and a scavenger hunt had been left behind by those naughty little leprechauns. The kids went in small groups to discover what treasure had been left for the class.

On Friday we also did a really fun experiment with Skittles and warm water on the light table. We watched a rainbow form as the Skittle colors bled into the water.

During circle time the kids shared their experiences with panda.

We celebrated a birthday this week!

We also read books about leprechauns, practiced our mysterious poem titled "X marks the spot" and danced!

We had such a fun week celebrating St. Patrick's Day with your kids! Have a wonderful weekend.
Meghan and Susie