Monday, March 26, 2018

Aliens invade the YC- Teacher Meghan

This week we blasted into outer space with our Younger Class.

At our texture table we had planets, aliens, moons, stars and astronauts.


At the water table we had alien tea which consists of black water, tea pots and insects!


At our light table we had translucent pyramids which were perfect for building tall towers.

At our light table we had a fun fine motor activity which involved "planets" (marbles) and landing pads.

On our flannel board we had a super fun space scene which was the perfect background for imaginative play.

On our building table we had all the makings for aliens and rocket ships.

On the carpet we had a bin of materials perfect for making florescent space creatures.

Bright pink play dough was so much fun to create with this week!

At creation station we had star and planet bases for the kids to add their own artistic flair.

Here is a peek at the kids at play.

On Tuesday the kids made aliens. They had so much fun adding fancy toothpicks, google eyes, straws and chenille stems onto a styrofoam ball. The aliens turned out fantastic and are on display in the hallway.

On Thursday the kids made astro blast paintings. The kids dipped socks full of pebbles into bright green, blue and gold paint and then dropped them from a stool onto their paper. The splat of paint on the paper made for some fun art. Come check them out in the room when you have a chance.

On Thursday the kids made towers from styrofoam blocks and then used "planets" to knock them down. It was fun to watch the kids problem solve how high they needed to build their towers and where to position them in order to knock them over with the swinging planets.

During circle time we sang the fish song, did super hero yoga and read great books about aliens.

Have a wonderful Spring Break and we will see you in April!
Teacher Meghan and Teacher Susie