Monday, February 19, 2018

Sprinkles of love in the YC-Teacher Susie

There was some Valentine magic in the younger class this week!  

We had vases, flowers and lots of scoops/buckets in our rice table.

Lots of love was in our water table!  We had shiny plastic hearts, rose petals, fish nets for scooping and Valentine cups and heart containers for pouring.

Red and white translucent shapes and small pink/purple plastic ponies were on our light table.


The kids loved our red play-doh and heart shaped cookie cutters on our play-doh table.

There were marbles galore on our building table.  We had our marble run set up and the kids went crazy with it!

It's fun to watch what the kids may make at creation station. 

On Tuesday we celebrated Valentine's Day in our class.  The kids used smelly markers to decorate Valentine necklaces that they had previously made. 

Our other activity the kids participated in on Tuesday was distributing their Valentines into their friend's bags. 

On Thursday one of our parent led activities was making slime.  

Our second parent led activity on Thursday was salad spinner art.  The kids put a paper plate in the salad spinner, added a bunch of paint, gave it spin and then took a peek at their creation.  They turned out really nice.

Here are some pictures of your sweet children during free play.

We read, sang, danced and celebrated a birthday this week at circle.

As always, thank you for sharing your kids with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day in the OC- Teacher Meghan

The OC had such a magical and fun week celebrating Valentine's day and exploring all the fun things available in the classroom.

In the water table this week we had gems, hearts, flower petals, scoops, nets and turkey basters. The kids mixed up some Valentine's Day magic all week long.

At the light table we had unicorns and ponies as well as translucent red and white blocks for stacking and building.

The building table was incredibly popular this week. We had a marble run available for the kids to build and explore with.

At creation station this week we had many items available for the kids including stickers, stamps, plates, doilies, Valentines. The possibilities were endless!

Last week we did a patterning activity with the kids using candy hearts. This week we had this activity available at our fine motor/game table. The kids had so much fun repeating and expanding on this activity.

On Monday the kids got a chance to paint and hot glue bling on their Valentine necklaces. They all turned out beautiful. We put them in the bottom of the kids' Valentine's bags as a surprise. Hope the kids found and enjoyed them.

Our other activity on Monday was a fun alphabet game. The kids selected a lowercase letter from a red basket then went on a treasure hunt on their paper to find the corresponding letter. Once they found it, they marked it off with a paint dobber. This was great exposure to lowercase letters for the kids.

On Wednesday we celebrated Valentine's Day in the classroom. One of the parent led activities was passing out Valentines to all the friends in class.

Our other parent led activity on Wednesday was making slime! In teams of two, kids measured out the ingredients for slime which included glue, water, liquid watercolor, starch and of course glitter. Then they mixed the ingredients by hand with some amazing ooey gooey results.

On Friday Teacher Susie introduced our new sign in cards to the kids and they got a chance to practice writing their names. It was pretty exciting.

Our other parent led activity on Friday was making salad spinner art. The kids squeezed tubes of neon paint onto a paper plate in a salad spinner. Then they spun the spinner to make the paint splash and swirl. The results turned out so cool and are on display in the classroom. Come take a look!

Here is a peek at the kids busy at play around the room....

During circle time this week we celebrated a birthday, danced to the Hokey Pokey and played the listen and move game.

We enjoyed some great stories about Valentine's Day at the library on Wednesday.

On Friendship Friday we talked about how our words and actions can hurt our friends hearts and what we can do to mend a heart that has been hurt. 

Outside at recess we enjoyed the fairly dry weather!

No school this week due to Presidents Day and conferences. We are looking forward to discussing your AMAZING kids at conferences on Wednesday and Friday!
Meghan and Susie