Sunday, January 28, 2018

Block Tower Mania in the OC - Teacher Lisa

What a fun and busy week we had together!

Our block area has been a bustling construction site. This week the children made, among other things, a hospital. Can you see all of the different things happening in each wing of this fantastic building?

Here are some of the other block creations from our week:

The Perler beads have also continued to be very popular. We are impressed with the stamina and careful work these projects require!

We made ice cream on Monday! The children mixed cream, sugar, salt and vanilla in sandwich bags. Then they placed those in larger ziplocs with ice and rock salt and shook, shook, SHOOK them! The result was actually quite delicious.

We finished up our snowman collage project from the week before. Now everyone's creations are hanging out in the hall.

On Wednesday the children made mono prints. The first step in this project is to etch a picture in a piece of foam. The second step is to paint over it completely. The final step is to place a piece of paper over the top, roll it with a brayer, and then lift it up to see the resulting print.

We used baking soda mixed with water to make a "snowball" with an acrylic snowflake tucked inside. On Friday the snowballs were dry and the children used vinegar, along with a little water color, to dissolve the baking soda away until all that was left was the snowflake, which they put into their memory boxes.

Our other activity on Friday was to draw self-portraits and add them to their portfolios. It's so fun for the kids to see how their skills with this particular project have evolved over time. They always enjoy pulling their portfolios down and looking through them :).

Our crystals continued to grow and were amazing to see. 

Something else that was kind of amazing this week was our insta-snow. Children held these tiny, dry granules in their hands and watched them grow to many times their size as water was poured over them. This cool, soft powder was in our tub all week with the penguins, polar bears, and whatever other animals the children wanted to add.

There were new materials out on the building table. These just came out on Friday, so we will leave them out for another week.

We were very excited to take a turn with the semi trucks from Teacher Meghan and Teacher Susie's classroom.

Here are some of the other ways the kids spent their free choice time this week:

We took our first "field trip" up to the library on Wednesday. The kids did a great job walking through the halls and it was fun to join Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan's class for stories with Miss Katrina. We will be doing this every Wednesday from now on.

During our rug time in the classroom we played/danced with the bean bags together and did some snow-related yoga poses.

We also learned a fun new song about working in a button factory. See if your child can teach it to you!

We actually had a little dry weather for recess which was awesome!

Thanks for sharing your sweet kiddos with us! Looking forward seeing everyone in their jammies Wednesday!

Until then,
Lisa and Sheri