Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunflowers with the OC- Teacher Susie

We have had another very fun filled week! It is hard to believe it's only the second week of school. The kids have settled right in, know the routine and are nourishing friendships - both old and new. We spent the week exploring sunflowers, come take a peek:

Our seed table was filled with vases, sunflowers and dragons/knights.  We read a book about a little knight who used a sunflower sword to win the heart and friendship of a dragon. It was fun to see the kids use their imagination and creating their own stories in this area.

Bears and boats took over in our water tub.  Lots of pouring and emptying happened this week and the kids loved it!

We had stackable pyramid shapes called "widgets" on our light table.

During free play the kids are maximizing all areas of our room.  We are seeing lots of painting and artwork being created, great imaginative play and the kids are loving our class pets.


One of our parent led activities on Monday was playing a sunflower counting game.  Each child got to roll the die and  identify the number they rolled.  Then they counted out the corresponding number of sunflower seeds to put on their flower. 

Our second parent led activity on Monday was exploring sunflowers.  The kids got to look at sunflowers and a big sunflower head.  They used magnifying glasses to get an up close look and tweezers which they could use to remove sunflower seeds and/or petals.

On Wednesday we did an observational drawing of a Sunflower which was led by Teacher Meghan.

Our second activity on Wednesday was a game using our classroom blocks.  The kids used a block chart to spin for a specific shape block.  Then they used those shapes to build a structure.  When they were done building they were taught how to correctly put the blocks away. 

On Friday the kids added watercolor to their sunflower drawing.  They really look great and we will have them on display next week.

We had a great time dancing, playing musical instruments and listening to books at circle.  

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan

Exploring color and fun with balloons in the YC - Teacher Meghan

What a fun and exciting second week of school. This week the entire YC class was together and the kids had a blast exploring and playing in every inch of the classroom. During these first few weeks of school we are working with the kids on learning the routine of the classroom and helping them to independently navigate their new environment. This week we did a couple of activities with balloons and explored color through books and parent led exploration. Next week look forward tigers and elephants in the class as we start our circus unit!

At the texture table this week we had sunflowers, knights and dragons. 

Our water table was full of colorful bears, boats and pitchers. The kids had a grand time scooping and dumping the bears and colorful water into different sized pitchers.

The kids loved rolling, squishing and creating in beautiful purple play dough this week.

At the light table we had wedgets. The kids loved building and stacking with these translucent shapes.

At the building table we had colorful plastic rods that the kids could build and create different shapes.

This week we introduced a few different games into the classroom. The kids loved playing this Go Fishing game.

The alpha-bots and a variety of puzzles kept the kids busy and engaged.

As always the kids loved the creative outlet provided by the easels and creation station.

We had some fun new horse magnets out on our magnet board this week.  The kids also enjoyed dressing children in different outfits on our felt board.

The kids loved spent a large portion of free play engaged in imaginative play. It is so fun to see how their creative minds work.

Baby Mabel and our fish have been a huge source of comfort and enjoyment for many of our kiddos.

This week we had giant sunflower heads out for the kids to investigate and dissect with tweezers.

One of our parent led activities on Tuesday was playing a color identification game. Games are a great way to work on pre-academic skills, turn taking as well as an awesome opportunity for social interaction.

Our second parent led activity on Tuesday was painting with balloons.

On Thursday we had a cooperative art activity where the kids got to paint with marbles by rolling a coffee can back and forth. We used yellow and blue paint which mixed to make green in the coffee can. The kids had so much fun with this activity.

Our second parent led activity on Thursday was color mixing. The kids got the opportunity to experiment with mixing a variety of liquid watercolors using pipettes and ice cube trays. 

During circle time this week we read a variety of books about color,  danced with bean bags and learned a song about a sunflower.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us!!
Meghan and Susie