Monday, June 12, 2017

Field Day in the OC

We had so much fun playing with your kids at Field Day Monday that we had to post some of our favorite pictures! We had lots of different activities available for the kids and they played their hearts out. What a great way to end the year.

For those who embrace all things messy, shaving cream, water bottles and paint brushes made for foamy fun.

Our "secret bubble recipe" made awesome bubbles!


We hung gutters along the fence for ball rolling.

These huge fly swatters make great balloon bouncers!

Everyone had fun practicing their archery skills.

One, two, three, STOMP! Let's see how high these rockets will go!

There were some quieter table activities as well. Lots of children enjoyed making necklaces and then gobbling them up.

There was also a snack area with bagels, cream cheese, fruit and crackers and the children could help themselves whenever they were hungry.

Was your child harder to recognize at pick-up time? At the face painting table they transformed themselves into cheetahs, black panthers, kitties and more!

The bikes are always a hit.

The height of the hoop doesn't stop these kids! This crew loves to play basketball.

Of course the swings and monkey bars were getting lots of use, too.

We have loved seeing the friendships between children in our different classrooms develop during our recess time and Stay and Play this year. It made Field Day even more special - and to see families from both classes all picnicking together after school was so great!

Thank you for being such a vital part of our community. We treasure the memories we've made with you and your children and look forward to celebrating with you at our Promotion Programs!

Lisa, Meghan, Sheri and Susie