Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Things With Wings, OC-Teacher Susie

Things with wings is the perfect description for this week!  Our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis and we were able to hold them in our butterfly tent. We also are studying and building nests.

We had chiffon butterfly shapes and sparkly butterfly jewels in our water table.

Dinosaurs invaded our seed table.

Train tracks and Duplo trains were on our building table.

All sorts of things were created with translucent Duplos on our light table.

We had wooden figures on our puzzle table.  You can open them, insert fabric and then close it to form clothes on the figures.  This was a huge hit!

Creation station featured glitter glue and all sorts of open ended art supplies for the kids to use.

Tops are great for fine motor development. 

We built nests out of clay and items that we collected outside for our Monday art project.

Our second parent led activity was a bug game. 

We also let the kids into our butterfly tent on Monday.  Their expressions were magical!!

As an extension of our nest project we made birds on Wednesday.  We used model magic and let the kids pick feathers and google eyes to decorate their birds.

Alphabet mystery box was a huge hit!  It was our other parent led activity on Wednesday.  To play, you pick an item out of the mystery box (it's enclosed so you can't see what you are going to get), identify the starting letter sound of the item and then match the item (based on the letter sound) to the correct letter on the game board.

Since our weather has been so amazing we decided to take advantage of it and do some fun outside bird related games on Friday.  We did a relay where the kids put an egg on a spoon and tried to quickly get them to the mama bird in her nest. 

Our second bird related game involved spreading plastic insects on the ground and having the kids pick them up to feed the baby birds we had in a nest.

Here are some snapshots taken around our room during free play:

Teacher Meghan read and acted out The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Since we are done with our panda rotation we thought it would be fun to let the kids share a talent (song, dance, book or picture).  We had a few kids that came up to sing and dance.  Your kids are so fun and funny!!

We brought drums out for music.  Each child got one turn with them during the week.

Some of the yoga moves we did this week are:

Triangle pose

Boat pose

Cat pose

Plank pose

and Pretzel pose.

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us this week!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan