Sunday, April 30, 2017

My Oh My - a Pizza Pie! (OC) Teacher Lisa

We have had so much fun with our community theme! Some of the things in our classroom stayed the same this week but there were also several new activities.

Our grocery store became a Pizzeria where the children could wear chef's hats and build all kinds of pizzas for hungry customers! There were even menus so that patrons could request their favorite toppings.

We think you can learn a lot about a person from the way they make a pizza. ;)

We put real pizza dough out at the play dough table, along with herbs to grind. It smelled delicious and the children LOVED being able to sprinkle flour and knead the dough.

There were some new builders out that children could use to make various forms of transportation or whatever else they wanted to create.

On Monday we made smoothies with applesauce, apple juice, bananas and strawberries. They were so delicious that many of the children returned for seconds!

We also played a math game with felt pizzas, reading "recipes", building pizzas and then adding various toppings together. Once the children had done this with an adult, it was out on our flannel board for open-ended play.

On Wednesday the children learned a cooperative game called "Count Your Chickens!" The premise of this game was that all of the little chicks had escaped from the coop and the children's job was to move around a game board, count spaces and return the same number chicks to Mother Hen.

We had another very simple roll-count-move game out on the light table. Sometimes the simplest things are all you need :).

Our other parent-led activity on Wednesday was writing letters in shaving cream. Children selected letters to practice and had lots of fun mucking around in the soft, white foam. We will have lots more opportunities for children to practice these skills, but this particular activity is an easy one to try at home - especially in the bath tub!

Our butterfly larvae are eating and growing bigger every day and we are excited for our chicks to (hopefully) hatch this week!! 

Here are some other photos from around our classroom during our free play time.

During our yoga time we've been practicing some "yoga flow," moving from one pose to another. This week we moved from mountain to tree to rock pose.

We've been learning a song about being oviparous - ask your child to sing it for you (and tell you what oviparous means)! We also sang "P-I-Z-Z-A" to the tune of Bingo. Some of our stories this week included, Benny's Pennies, The Little Red Hen, The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza, and Pete's a Pizza!

Our next theme is all about spring, flowers, butterflies and insects. We are so glad that the sun may even decide to join us in the days ahead!

We will treasure our remaining weeks with you and your children - we know how quickly they are going to go by.

We will see you soon,
Sheri and Lisa