Sunday, March 26, 2017

Magical Shadows with the OC- Teacher Susie

This week was filled with shadows, reflections and rainbow activities. 

Our art activity on Monday was super fun.  It was a two step process.  The kids went out into the hall in groups of two and put die cut pieces onto a projector.  We taped white paper onto the wall and they adjusted the die cut pieces to project up onto the paper.  Then, they used a sharpie to trace the projected shapes onto their paper.

After that, they brought their creations into the room to paint with watercolor.  We have them on display in the hallway.

Our Math/Science on Monday was an experiment using milk, food dye and dish soap.  We poured some milk into an empty pie tin.  The kids squeezed the food dye colors of their choice into the middle of the milk.  Then, they dipped the end of a Q-tip into the dish soap.  The final step was lightly touching the food coloring with the end of the Q-tip.  A magical rainbow star appeared!  The kids really enjoyed this and many of them chose to do it numerous times.  If you are interested in watching a video about it and reading a little more about the science behind it you can look at


Our art project on Wednesday was an observational daffodil drawing. 

Math/Science on Wednesday was a blast!  We let the kids investigate with vinegar, baking soda, shaving cream, glitter and food coloring. 


Our art project on Friday was to watercolor the daffodil that the kids drew on Wednesday.


Our other activity on Friday was to fill memory boxes with March memories.  There was lots of talk about making our leprechaun traps and having a leprechaun hunt.



Since we introduced the concept of light and shadows during our Monday art we had the projectors and a screen out for the kids to investigate with during free play.  We had die cut shapes and translucent blocks out for them to use.



Our creation station table had all the necessary supplies to make paper bag hand puppets.  It was fun to see your kids imaginations go wild.

Our water table had mirrors on the bottom and clear water beads.  At first glance the water looked empty, but the kids soon caught on.  They had fun filling up nets with the beads and emptying them out into containers.


We had Geo Boards out for fine motor activity.

Our building table had some bright colored connection type builders on it.

A scale, shovels and containers occupied our touch table. It's fun to see what the kids do with a fairly simple and open ended activity.  Many of them buried the plastic dinosaurs for friends to hunt for and quite a few played with the scale.  It was neat to watch them figure out how many beans they would need on each side to balance it and how much extra it might take to tip the scale.

We had a translucent marble run on our light table on Monday and Wednesday.

On Friday we did a fun rainbow activity on the light table.  The kids put skittle candies into the outside edge of a pie plate.  We poured warm water into the middle and watched a magical rainbow appear.


Since the kids had fun exploring with magnifying glasses, mirrors and kaleidoscopes last week we set that out during free play.  Of course, lots of pretend play, reading, writing, building and loving on Mabel were a big part of our week.


Our first round of the kids taking panda home wrapped up this week.  We will be sending panda home again after spring break so everyone will get two visits with our beloved class stuffed animal.

We tried something new this week called Yoga Surprise.  Teacher Meghan put some yoga cards that we have never done into a bag and pulled one out at random.  On Monday we got pretzel.  The kids loved the surprise and it was a fun way to introduce some new poses.

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan