Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hugs, Kisses and Pajamas in the OC! Teacher Lisa

Wow, it was a week of pure FUN at Small Friends! We started with Valentine's Day and ended with pajamas and pancakes, with many good times in between.

The biggest excitement on Monday was definitely passing out Valentines. In fact, the children were so into it that they set up chairs so that they could watch each other make deliveries (perhaps it had something to do with the sugary treats being dropped into each envelope!) We hope you had as much fun reading them together as they had passing them out.

Second only to chocolate and lollipops was the crystal experiment happening at our math/science table. Children put 6 T of Borax into a cup and then poured 2 cups of hot (just below boiling) water over it and stirred until as much of the Borax as possible had been dissolved. They each created a shape out of a pipe cleaner to suspend in the solution until the next school day. 

It didn't take long until crystals began forming on both the cup and their pipe cleaner shapes. By the next school day, they had lots of crystals to observe! For more about this experiment, click on this link.

On Wednesday we had some fun with the alphabet as children practiced writing their names, as well as those of their friends in a tray of Epsom salts and valentine sprinkles. Sensory activities like this are a fun way to practice recognizing and "writing" letters. We purposely used their names because we are paving the way for a "Friendship Post Office" coming soon to our classroom.

We also did a color mixing activity with shaving cream (more sensory fun!). After squirting some shaving cream onto a tray, children used a wooden stick to swirl the colors together, creating a marbled effect. Then they made a print of their design on a piece of paper. Once their print was created some moved on to other activities while others went elbow-deep into the lathery foam.

Friday was Pajama Day. Not only did we get to wear pajamas and slippers to school, but many special stuffed friends spent the whole day in our classroom! One of our parent-led activities was making special hats, jewelry, shields, etc. for these friends to wear.

The other activity was mixing, cooking and EATING delicious pancakes.

We had a few other pancake-related activities out as well, including a station for making them and another one for flipping them into the air!

Many of the activities around the classroom were slightly modified but similar to last week. We added windmills to the texture table and put out some new manipulatives on the light table.

Some of the children enjoyed making "pop-up" valentines last week, so we put some die-cut shapes and construction paper out at our creation station for more pop-up creativity.

In order to accommodate some of our activities this week we did a little furniture rearranging. This included moving the easels to a different spot and the children seemed to notice them all over again. There was all kinds of painting going on!

Some of the children requested that we take out the candle warmers so that they could use them to make valentines.

There was chocolate cloud dough in our water tub, along with sprinkles, marshmallows, straws and mugs.

The Alpha-bots are still getting a lot of attention and we also put out some "alpha-gators" with upper and lower case letters for the children to practice matching.

At story time we read a book called Hedgehugs about two little hedgehogs who worked hard to solve a problem. We also read a book about "filling each other's buckets" which was another way of reminding children to do and say the kinds of things that help everyone feel loved and cared for. We had fun doing yoga with our stuffed animals and holding them on our laps for stories on Friday!

We also took a rainy walk down the path together on Wednesday - we will definitely do that again! Everyone really enjoyed it!

Those are our highlights! We sure had a great time with your children - thanks for sharing them with us.

Until next time,

Lisa and Sheri