Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thankful - YC Teacher Meghan

A ton of fun new Thanksgiving themed activities awaited the kids when they arrived on Tuesday. It was a short week because of Thanksgiving break but we enjoyed every minute of our Tuesday with your wonderful kids!

At the art literacy table the kids made leaf resist paintings with leaves and sparkly paint. The results were beautiful!

At the math/science center we played a pumpkin pie counting game with pieces of numbered pie and cotton balls. The kids would put a certain number of "whipped cream dollops" aka cotton balls on their piece of pie depending on the number displayed on their piece of pie.

Around the room there were tons of new activities to explore. 

Indian corn with tweezers were available for kids to work on their fine motor skills.

There was play dough with all the fixings to make silly turkeys or monsters!

There were inflatable turkeys, cranberries and rosemary  in the water table. 

Clay pots filled with bright feathers were new in the sensory bin.

There were new building supplies at the building table.

There was plastic food, knives and cutting boards for the kids to practice their chopping skills!

Old favorites were explored and enjoyed as always!

During circle time we sang a song about a turkey named Albuquerque. We read a hilarious book called Bear and Squirrel are Friends and we danced with instruments and bean bags.

Outside the kids enjoyed the fresh air and company of their friends. 

We hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends!
Teacher Meghan and Teacher Susie