Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween! - Teacher Sheri

The Younger Class had a spooktacular week!  We started with a haunted tunnel and finished off with a special witch's brew, what could be better?

On Tuesday, everyone was invited to crawl through a long tunnel, armed with flashlights.  Inside the tunnel were glow in the dark ghosts and other spooks on the walls along with lengths of soft yarn hanging from the ceiling.  The kids really enjoyed this activity!

We cut open a big pumpkin and they all took part in excavating it, with scoopers, tongs, and hands.  They pulled out seeds and stringy guts.  A highlight was using little carving saws to actually cut away at the pumpkin rind.

Our water tub was filled with ooey gooey ooblek, which is cornstarch and water.  They dug their hands in the mixture to discover the strange way it feels like both a liquid and a solid.  The next school day, it was filled with orange water.

More slimy sensations could be found at the light table.  The glitter slime became even more interesting when we placed it on top of a rack and let it ooze through so they could watch it or cut the strings.

Our sensory bin was full of pumpkins, cauldrons, goblets, bats, and skeletons - a recipe for sensory exploration!

At our creation station, there were paper plates, various shapes, glue, and glitter for jack-o-lantern making.

Throughout the week, the kids could make tape mummies.  We wanted to give them an opportunity to learn how to use our big rolls of tape using scissors.  You may have seen one of these creations come home!

A lot of time was spent at the building table, where we had two pumpkins that they could hammer real nails and golf tees into.

They continued to love the playdough table, using black playdough for monsters and the orange to make pumpkins or hills or anything at all.

For Thursday's art, we made pumpkin collages.  Choosing from an assortment of orange items, the kids decorated their pumpkins however they envisioned them.  They are hanging on the bulletin board in the hallway, so take a look!

Our science activity, Dancing Ghosts, was a fun way to learn about static electricity.  Rubbed balloons were held up to paper ghosts, making them move or jump up to stick to the balloon.

Here are some pictures of other things happening in the classroom.

Creating our witch's brew was frightfully delightful!  Everyone got to pour the juice they brought into our cauldron and we stirred the magic brew.  The special ingredient (dry ice) was added to create some foggy goodness and the kids took turns peeking into the cauldron.  Almost everyone tried the brew and it was quite delicious!

It was great fun to see everyone arrive in their awesome costumes or just come ready to enjoy the festive day!  We always look forward to the next time we see this group. ;)

Sheri and Lisa