Sunday, September 25, 2016

Settling Right In With The Older Class- Teacher Susie

We had a great second week of school!  We are really enjoying getting to know your children even better and the kids are settling right in with friends, old and new.

We started our week with the children drawing self portraits. This was a parent lead activity.  We had our parent have the kids look in the mirror to study their faces and talk a little bit about where our eyes, nose and mouth are located. The kids then started to draw while continuing to observe their reflection.  It was really fun to see their drawings and watch them as they studied themselves. We will continue to do these throughout the year.


The kids had fun creating all types of objects with the popoids.


They also enjoyed exploring all the new items we had out this week.                 

We have a literacy table that was very busy on Monday.  There were lots of letters being written, stamped and taped.

It's fun to watch the children create with Duplos, play-doh and our water table filled with magnetic wands and discs "dot soup". 

Our day wouldn't be complete without lots of exploring, painting, dress up, creating and fresh air!

On Wednesday Teacher Meghan guided the kids through an observational drawing of sunflowers.

Here are a few of the things the children noticed
"A circle"
"Lots of petals"
"I am drawing the roots inside the flower"
"I am drawing the little prickles"
"fuzzy stem"
"There are all these lines on the leaves"
"There is pollen in the circle"
"I forgot the dots in the middle"
"Lots of spikes"
"A big circle and a little circle"

For our parent led math/science activity the kids played a simple game that involved counting.  They rolled a dice and counted out the corresponding number of sunflower seeds to fill up their flower.

During our free play time there was lots of art, play-doh, building and "dot soup".

We replaced the Duplos that were on the light table with paper that had some circle stickers on it.  We provided the children with watercolor and ended up with some really nice paintings. 

The children are playing so nicely together.  We are noticing a lot of sharing and teamwork!

The literacy table continues to be a big hit, the children are very busy writing letters to each other and their families.  I'm sure that many of you are getting lots of letters being sent home!

We have been reading some books about sunflowers and circles.  We had a lot of fun with the book Press Here and Put Me in the Zoo, the whole class participated.

We also started sharing the Summer Memory journals. We will continue to share these for the next few weeks.  The kids love talking about their families and adventures and it is great for confidence and self esteem.

One of the songs that we have been singing is "I'm a little sunflower".  It is sung to the tune of I'm a little teapot.  Try it at home and see if they can teach you the hand movements.

I'm a little sunflower,
look at me.
Here is my stem
and here are my leaves.
When the sun comes up
I turn my head.
When the sun goes down
I go to bed.

We wrapped up our observational sunflower drawings this week by adding watercolor to them.  Teacher Susie led this activity. The kids really studied the colors that they saw and transformed their black and white drawings to a masterpiece with beautiful colors.  These will be displayed in our classroom next week, so come in and take a peak!

To work on fine motor skills we had sunflower heads with magnifying glasses and tweezers out.  The kids had fun working on this and will continue to be able to explore this next week.

Our parent led activity Friday was to have the kids go out to the garden and check on the peas and carrots we planted last week.  We gave each child a clipboard with a paper that said, "Out in the garden what did you see?  I saw a __________ peeking at me!"  They each drew a picture and filled in the blank with items such as a butterfly, pink flower, dirt or sprout.  We will be making this into a class book with our 4's as authors and illustrators.  They will have so much fun looking through it all year!

Thank you for sharing your children with us!
Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan