Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Field Day, Panda Party, and our final days in the OC- Teacher Jennifer

It seems like Teacher Lisa and I have blinked our eyes and the past two years with this wonderful group of children has come to an end.  We can't even begin to tell you what a gift it has been working with your children everyday and watching them grow up.  They are all really ready for their next adventure in life, and we hope that Small Friends holds a big place in their hearts, just as we will hold all of the children and families in ours.

In our classroom this week, we were very busy preparing for our Panda Party, our final celebration with our parents, and for field day!

It has always been an older class tradition to paint a shirt to wear for field day!  We decided, however, that these special shirts would be worn for Panda's special celebration.  The children were very intentional with their artwork on the shirt.  Watching the colors and pictures emerge on the white cotton canvas was proof that we no longer have three year old children in the classroom!

We also took some time to put our final items in our beautiful memory boxes that the children will take home after the program.  We added a bookmark printed with a special goodbye poem from the teachers, a wooden heart, and the children EASILY wrote the word P-A-N-D-A in their stickers books after adding a panda sticker.  I also took the time to ask children what they wanted to be when they grew up and their favorite memory from Small Friends.  I will share all of these thoughts at our program!

 During the two mornings in the classroom, we were serenaded by the lovely sounds of the xylophone and keyboard while we built with BIG blocks on the carpet and robot builders on the middle table. We excavated letters, gems, and dinosaurs from ice blocks at the water table.  We wrote letters at the writing center and kept our hands busy in the kinetic sand at the playdough table.  We also painted beautiful pictures at the light table.  Paper chains were created to hang for our Panda Party!  We also practiced our number recognition with a game called "Number Zingo."

Our final art project of the year was creating a mural to be the backdrop for our program. We used the hallway to stretch out. Each child had a fairly large square to fill with their artwork and name.  It turned out beautiful!  

Our final classroom day was spent celebrating our friend, Panda.  Panda had so much fun meeting all the families and getting to know the children!  The children came dressed in their special t-shirts that they created last week!  We made panda headbands to wear, played panda games in the hallway, worked on panda puzzles, and built beautiful structures for Panda to live in!  Our snack for the day was to turn a beautiful white birthday cupcake into a panda face using small oreos, chocolate chips, and a black grape!  We practiced all of our songs for the program on Wednesday.  This group knows how to sing!!  We are so excited to share the songs with you all.

I will end this blog with pictures from our field day.  We decided to have it early (last Wednesday)  to take advantage of the sunny day on the playground.  Bubbles, face painting, water play, bikes, balloons, hula hoops, and stringing cheerio necklaces kept the children very busy.  It was such a joy to watch the friendships and community come together as we spent the day with Teacher Marah and Teacher Candace's class.  Notice the joy, whimsical feelings, and happiness in them all!  

 Until next time........

Jennifer and Lisa