Sunday, June 10, 2018

Summertime in the OC- Teacher Meghan

This year has flown by and it is hard to believe this is the final blog for our school year. As we finish up our final full week of school it has been so fun to reflect on how much these sweet kids have blossomed during this year. They are so ready for the next phase of their education but we sure will miss them. 

On Monday the kids created covers for their portfolios which will be handed out on Wednesday during the school program. These portfolios have been a work in progress all year and the kids are so excited to bring them home and share them with you.

On Wednesday we got the kids out in the sun to practice shooting a bow and arrow. This activity requires an enormous amount of hand eye coordination and hand strength. The kids embraced this challenge and worked hard to learn a new skill.

At our building table this week we had wooden building blocks and bears.

So much creative expression and fun occurred at the writing table, creation station and the art easels this week.


At our light table we had sticky foam balls that were so fun to mold, squish and squeeze.

The kids loved playing with each other in all areas of the room. Here is a peek.

On Friday we had our Panda Party to celebrate our favorite stuffy, Panda. There was a wide variety of panda themed activities around the room to help us celebrate.

One of our favorite parent led activities was creating a "Picasso Panda". The kids were blind folded and then given panda features (eyes, nose, mouth and ears)  to glue on to panda's face without being able to see. The kids had a blast and the results were hilarious.

Our second parent led activity was making a panda snack which consisted of marshmallows, teddy grahams and chocolate chips -yum!

We had panda perler beads and panda bracelets to make at creation station.

 We had a variety of panda games and puzzles around the classroom.

 At our light table we had plastic pandas and black sand.

During circle time this week we read some wonderful panda books, celebrated a birthday and used sticks as our instruments.

 Outside the kids have loved having the trikes available to zoom around on.

Our baby chicks are continuing to thrive on the farm. Here is the latest picture. Look how much they have grown!

We love your amazing kids so much. Thank you for an incredible year!

Huge hugs,
Teacher Meghan and Teacher Susie

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