Sunday, June 10, 2018

Our Final Blog for the OC - Teacher Lisa

We've come to the bittersweet moment in the journey of parenting (and teaching) when something comes to an end so that the next adventure can begin. Our last regular week of preschool was filled as so many of them have been - with playing, singing, and laughing together. This class is ready to move on, but we sure will miss them.

We had lots of summer/camping activities out this week. One was a tent out on the carpet. Such silliness!

There were sand dollars to paint at Creation Station, which were a huge hit.

We also put out some colored sand and seashells for collage art.

Magna tiles and tropical fish were out on the building table.

There was a school of ABC fish to find and organize.

Some of the children still needed their turn writing music so we finished that up on Monday. Then the keyboard was out all week so that they could return as often as they wanted to play their compositions.

Our giant checkers game was out and we were not surprised to discover that we have some very strategic players :).

We made covers for the portfolios that will come home on Wednesday. Children could draw whatever they wanted and then add splashes of water color. These binders have been special "works-in-progress" all year and the kids are excited to bring them, along with their memory boxes home to keep.

In the spirit of camping fun, we played a game outside where children stood next to an empty backpack, listened to clues about what object they needed to put inside, and then ran down to a bowl filled with various supplies so they could grab the object they needed and run back to place it in their backpack. See if your child can remember some of the things they packed!

On Friday our project required lots of cutting and gluing as everyone made a picture of a sharp-toothed shark. They all did a great job! These will come home Monday.

We took a break from the beach on Wednesday to celebrate our dear friend Panda. There were all kinds of things around the room that the children could do. 

They especially enjoyed the Perler bead panda designs and using the panda ball-toss props as a stage where they executed a rather elaborate show.

They made Panda Snacks out of Teddy Grahams, marshmallows and chocolate chips - yum!

They also made Picasso Pandas, a blindfolded art project - which may explain the crazy paper plate panda face that came home in their school bags (although most of their faces ended up looking quite accurate).

They each took their pages out of our Panda notebook and put them into their binders.

During our carpet time, we had a special circle where everyone had a turn holding Panda and telling us what their very favorite memory of him was. They had such a variety of ideas to share and did a great job passing him around the circle!

We celebrated with a Panda Parade!

We sang a silly song about being little fish and practiced our songs for the program.

We had fun playing outside.


We're excited for Field Day on Monday. Be sure to have your child wear his/her painted t-shirt along with sunscreen, as we'll be outside most of the morning.

We're excited for our program as well, to celebrate this special class and send them off on their next adventures.

Thanks for the memories - our hearts are full.

Lisa and Sheri

P.S. Here are the latest photos of our quickly-growing chicks. How appropriate that we got them this week, as our older class prepares to leave the nest :)

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