Sunday, June 3, 2018

Music, Painting, and Archery! (OC)-Teacher Sheri

This week was all about trying new things in the Older Class. The kids learned how to use a bow and arrow as well as created their own unique song on the piano keyboard!

Hand strength, hand-eye coordination, and aim are just a few skills improved by learning archery. The kids embraced this challenge and had fun with the bow and arrow on Wednesday and Friday.

Our other project was painting T-shirts. Each shirt turned out unique and wonderful! We can't wait to see all the kids wearing their shirts on field day.

The piano keyboard was out both days and the kids really enjoyed playing it. 

On Friday, our parent helper sat with the kids and they created their own tune on the keyboard. They used colored pieces of tape, which corresponded to the colors/notes on the keyboard. We included the musical notes so they can play the song again if you happen to have a piano or keyboard at home!

Seashells by the seashore was the theme in the texture table. The kids sorted and played and filled buckets with a wide variety of shells.

At the light table, squishy foam balls were a sensory delight. They could be molded by hand or flattened and cut out with cookie cutters.

The potato heads were back on the building table. We started the year with potato heads and are closing out the year with them - they are always an engaging building activity!

At the water table frogs and lily pads were scattered about, but the real magic was the hand held water pumps. They pump to create suction and then the water comes out the spout. 

At creation station, they used stencils showing kids and people in action.

And what do you do with pipe cleaners at creation station? Make over-the-nose mustaches, of course! ;)

We enjoyed another trip up to the library on Wednesday.

This class loves to play games. They played a lot of Hop Along Frog and Checkers and even an impromptu game of musical chairs!

At carpet time, we began reviewing some of our favorite songs in preparation for our program, read books, and shared about Panda.

Ahoy mateys! Next week the loft becomes a pirate ship, the rug is a beach with a tent for castaways, ocean life will be on the flannel board, and alphabet fish are hidden around the room. Can't wait to see you all then!


Sheri and Lisa

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