Monday, June 4, 2018

Leaping Toward Summer in the YC (Teacher Lisa)

It was a busy week filled with all kinds of different things around our classroom! We had fun painting our houses on Tuesday. The children were excited to have their turn and took such care to create one of the most colorful neighborhoods you've ever seen.

Our other parent-led activity Tuesday was insect sorting. Children had grids with several different insects along the top. Their task was to find those insects in a variety of colors and place them in the correct square on the grid. It took careful observation and perseverance to find each little bug!

On Thursday everyone colored clothespin families and used play dough to place them around their houses. Some even made their pets. It was fun to hear their stories about what people were doing and what the different parts of their houses were.

We talked about our upcoming program and began practicing our songs. We can't wait to share them with you! We showed the class their song books (a collection of songs and finger plays from our year, along with corresponding art projects) and made our "speckled frog" page with paint and glitter. These books will be given to the children at our program and we hope they enjoy looking back over all they have done this year!

We brought a keyboard out for children to experiment with. Some of the keys have colored tape that corresponds to "sheet music" but of course lots of free flowing improvisation is encouraged as well! Our older class composed some music and we will leave that out this week for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Our water tub had all kinds of frogs and lily pads in it. The best addition, however, were pumps that sucked water up from the bottom and squirted it out the top.

All kinds of seashells were tucked among the beans in our texture table. These will be out again this week as we dive into an ocean theme.

There were stencils of babies and children in all kinds of different poses out at the creation station. We had paper taped to them so that children could easily use dot paints or markers to color inside.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head came out to play. This was the very first toy we put out at this table in September and it was fun to take it out one more time. These spuds never get old :).

There was Play Foam out at the light table. These sticky little foam balls can be squeezed together to make all kinds of things and provide great sensory experience.

We still get requests for the Perler Beads from time to time and are always happy to get them out for some fine motor fun.

Here are a few more photos of children around the classroom and out on the playground.

We are celebrating summer birthdays nearly every day and are so excited for all of our friends who will be turning four soon!

We have several very patient classmates who have waited a long time to share their houses and they are doing such a good job.

This week we will have lots of "commotion in the ocean" as we bring our school year to a close and get ready for our program. What a fantastic year it has been! Thanks for all you've done to make that happen :). We sure appreciate you and your sweet children.

Lisa and Sheri

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