Sunday, June 3, 2018

Growing up in the OC- Teacher Meghan

This week was all about growing, changing and preparing for the last few days of preschool! How did that happen?? This year has flown by.

The kids LOVED washing, scrubbing and caring for the babies in the bath tub this week. By the end of the week we had some super clean babies.

In our texture table we had windmills, scales, scoops and multi-colored bears for the kids to explore.

At our light table we had translucent shapes to make goofy faces.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head made an appearance at our building table this week.

At creation station we cleaned out our "creation station" drawer and let the kids go bananas. They had so much fun making incredibly creative projects with all the random materials available.

Here are some pictures of your kids at play around the room.

On Wednesday one of our parent led activities was teaching the kids how to play the Honeybee Tree game.  You start the game by adding long sticks (leaves) into the honeybee tree.  After that you add the bees.  The object is to remove as many sticks as you can without the bees falling out of tree.

On Wednesday and Friday the kids decorated t-shirts with fabric paint. All the shirts turned out so bright and colorful. We can't wait to see all the kids running around in their shirts on Field Day.

On Friday the kids played a game called Fly Swatter ABC out in the hallway. The kids rolled giant dice and would then find the corresponding first letter of each picture on their die by swatting that letter on our giant alphabet board. The kids loved whacking the letters with their giant fly swatters.

During circle time this week we learned a really sweet song about putting a baby to bed.

On Friday we did a friendship circle and shared feelings about the changes coming ahead. The kids were so honest and insightful about how they are feeling about going to new schools next year.

On Wednesday our last friend shared his experience with Panda. This Friday we will have a panda party to celebrate the amazing Panda!

It has been such a privilege to watch these kids grow and blossom over this school year. They are such an amazing crew of kids and we are so excited to see what the future will bring.

See you tomorrow,
Teacher Meghan and Teacher Susie

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