Sunday, May 6, 2018

Peep, Peep, Peep! (YC) Teacher Sheri

Our chicks hatched over the weekend and it was such a sight to see! Nine baby chicks inhabited our room all week and we could not have been more excited.

The kids could not wait to hold the babies and everyone got a turn on both Tuesday and Thursday. The children were very good with them, giggling when the chicks wanted to wiggle and run and loving when the chicks would fall asleep in their hands.

Speaking of chicks, our artwork on Tuesday was making handprint chicks! Our parent helper assisted the kids in making a yellow painted handprint and adding eyes, feathers, and a beak. They are so cute and on display in the classroom.

The texture table was egg-tastic, full of eggs and plastic animals. The kids love to fill the eggs and also arrange them in the egg cartons.

Slime was happening at the light table, which is a always a gooey delight.

At the water table, friends spent a great deal of time trying to melt a big block of ice with spray bottles and using tweezers to excavate the bugs.

Kids who visited creation station made their own little paper chicks.

The building table was a place where the kids gathered to play with vintage Fisher Price playground and schoolhouse.

All week, we've been singing our shaky egg song, "I Know a Chicken," and on Thursday, the kids got to make their own egg shakers! They chose their egg, scooped the beans and filled them, then decorated the eggs with colored tape and stickers. We hope they will shake their eggs and sing for you!

Also on Thursday, our other parent help played an egg game with the kids while working on their number recognition 1-10. They had to identify and say each number out loud to check under the egg and see if there was a chick.

Here are some pics of your kids learning and playing around the room.

Sharing books with friends...

Acting out one of the books we read, Benny's Pennies, during free play time...

And we did the chicken dance, too!

April showers bring May flowers, so next week we will have our own flower shop and will make something special for the Moms in our lives!

Until then, take care!

Sheri and Lisa

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