Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mothers and flowers in the OC-Teacher Susie

Our room is filled with all things spring.  We had a great week with your kids! It was fun to hear all the great things our students have to say about their moms as we prepared for our Mother's Day flower shop. 

Our water table has plastic bugs, fish nets and spray bottles in it.

We have a marble run on our building table.


The kids have really enjoyed the perler beads on our fine motor table.

On Monday we played a hide the chick game.  Each plastic egg had a two digit number on it.  The kids identified the number and then looked to see if a chick was underneath.

Our second activity Monday was having the kids draw pictures of their families.

On Wednesday we played a duck game.  The kids took turns spinning the spinner, moving spaces and reuniting the mama duck with the baby ducks.

Our second activity on Wednesday was planting dahlia bulbs in our garden.  The kids helped us cut our daffodils down and we had them find the rocks they made and put out at the beginning of the school year.

On Friday we made and decorated flower cones.

Our flower shop was our second activity on Friday.  Thank you for all the flowers that you brought in.  The kids had such a great time making bouquets for their moms!



Here are some snapshots of your children during free play.

We really enjoyed library on Wednesday.  We learned some new songs and listened to some fun books being read to us.  Thank you Garden Home Library!

It's so fun to see all the love that Panda is getting as he travels through your homes.

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan

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