Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Here a Chick, There a Chick in the OC - Teacher Lisa

It doesn't seem possible that just a week ago we had an incubator full of baby chicks! They went back to the farm on Friday afternoon, but we sure enjoyed them during their short stay in our classroom!


We had a variety of activities in the room last week, some of which were chick-and-egg inspired, some that were extensions from our community theme and some that are in anticipation of the butterflies that are going to hatch in the next week or so.

The texture tub was filled with plastic eggs, egg cartons and lots of different animals that are oviparous (ask your child to tell you about that word).  

In the water tub, all kinds of insects were trapped in a block of ice. Children used basters and squirt bottles to try and melt the ice so that the bugs could be extracted with tweezers or fingers. 

At the building table everyone had fun with an "old school" Fisher Price neighborhood, complete with a Main Street, public park and school house. It was fun to hear some of you exclaim, "I remember playing with that!" when you saw it out on the table :).

The children revisit their favorite games and activities from our shelves as often as they like.

Perler beads. There is never a week without Perler beads.

There was slime on the light table - for no other reason than we hadn't had it for a while and slime is always awesome.

Here are some other ways your children spent their free time...

Our parent-led activities on Monday were Memory Boxes and self-portraits. There were "alien poppers" and space stickers for the children to add to their memory collection. They always take time to look at the treasures they've collected throughout the year and it's hard to believe that we only have a few more things to add.

Their latest self-portraits will be filed in their binders. This is something else that they will often ask to take out so that they can look through them again and again.

On Wednesday the children sponge painted chicks, adding google eyes, feathers and orange beaks. Their final step was using a fork to paint green grass. These are on display in our classroom, along with the predictions they made about how many of our eggs would hatch. 

We also went up to the library where we met Casey. She taught us some fun new songs and read several stories. See if your child can remember how to do the finger-play "Two Little Blackbirds". That was one of our favorites!

On Friday there were egg cartons, ribbons, fabric, feathers, toothpicks, pom-poms and more for children to create sculptures with. Everyone made their own smaller part of a much larger class creation which is displayed out in the hallway.

For our ABC activity this week, we learned a new game. Using cards with 3- and 4- letter words on them, children "fished" for pieces of cheese so that they could build the words on the cards. Everyone worked at the level that was most appropriate for him or her. Some practiced identifying letters, some practiced sounds, and some were able to do some reading - all of which was great!

We had fun doing the Chicken Dance together at the carpet!

We also got to meet a Small Friends alum who is working on a non-fiction children's book about animals. She shared  her rough draft with us and we got to guess which animal picture she was going to hold up based on the rhyming clues she read.

All of the kids are doing so well sharing Panda.

The weather was glorious during recess, which sure feels good.

This week we are celebrating moms - and this group is blessed to have wonderful ones!! Thanks for all you do :).

Lisa and Sheri

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  1. Fun and warm and fuzzy learning activities for all!