Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Spring! (YC) Teacher Lisa

Spring has sprung and signs of it were all over in our classroom this week! The best sign of all was the beautiful array of flowers you all contributed to our Mother's Day flower shop. Thank you! Your children had fun decorating paper cones and choosing just the right flowers to tuck inside this past Thursday.

We played a flower matching game on Tuesday. Children looked at cards with pictures of different flowers on them and then used the shapes available to make identical matches. 

There were other signs of spring as well. Fairies and butterflies were in the texture table.

The life cycles of frogs and butterflies were the subject on the light table.

There were big, juicy bugs to pick up with long wooden tweezer-beaks and drop into baby birds' mouths.

There were eggs in the water tub, along with whisks, water wheels and buckets. The children wanted to add some of our jungle animals, too ...because, why not?

There has been continued interest in our transportation toys, so we kept that going on our building table with magnetic trucks, rubber roads and a variety of road signs.

Our second parent-led activity Tuesday was making face collages. As we transition into a theme about growing and changing, this project was a great way to get children talking about the special features that make them unique. 

Children also spent time painting, gluing, taping, stapling, drawing, imagining, reading, collaborating and problem-solving. You know, a typical preschool day :).

We sang our song about putting the baby to bed again this week - maybe your child can teach it to you. We did the blackbird song again, too. That's going to be a favorite!

Several friends shared their houses. This is a new process and they are learning not only how to stand up and share, but also how to be polite listeners and turn-takers. They're doing a great job!

We read stories about taking care of babies, giving baths to farm animals (who don't want them), and the adventures of a very confused chicken named Minerva Louise. We also did our chicken dance one more time and revisited a stick song from earlier this year.

The sun was out which means the bikes came out, too. The kids are really enjoying these and it's fun to watch them ride.

We expect our cocoons to hatch soon (if they haven't over the weekend) and will be doing lots of butterfly activities over the next few days. As always, thank you for sharing your little ones with us and for all you do each day in our classroom!

Happy Mother's Day!
Lisa and Sheri

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