Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day from the YC- Teacher Meghan

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mamas out there! This week we had a variety of spring themed projects and activities available to the kids.

On Tuesday the kids examined their features in a mirror and made a collage of their faces using yarn for hair, buttons for eyes, and pipe cleaners for mouths. The results are adorable and are hanging up in the classroom. Come take a peek.

Our other parent led activity on Tuesday was playing a duck game. Mama duck travels around the board picking up her baby ducklings and then drops them off at a birthday party. The kids LOVED this game and many came back to play it several times.

On Thursday the kids made bouquets for their moms. It was so sweet to hear them thoughtfully decided which flowers should go into their arrangements based on what they thought their mom would like. Thanks for all of the flower donations, the bouquets turned out beautiful! 

Our other activity on Thursday was decorating paper cones to place the flowers in. The kids had a great time coloring and dabbing to make colorful works of art.

The kids loved playing games at our game table this week.

At our texture table this week we had plastic eggs, brightly colored creatures, baskets and egg cartons. The kids had so much fun dumping, filling and sorting with these items.

In our water tub we had bugs, tweezers, bug habitats and spray bottles available for play.

At our building table we had a marble run. The kids loved creating new courses for the marbles.

At the light table the translucent duplos were a huge hit.

Around the room we saw so much creativity occurring in every corner.

At circle time this week the kids started to share their houses. 
These are such a great way for the kids to practice speaking and sharing in front of a group as well as how to take turns and be good listeners. The kids are doing a great job and are so excited to share about their families!!

We are hoping that our butterflies will be hatching soon! This coming week we will be doing a lot of activities around butterflies and caterpillars.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!
Meghan and Susie

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