Saturday, May 12, 2018

Happy Mother's Day from the OC! - Teacher Sheri

We began this week with colorful painting and ended it in full bloom! Here's a recap of our busy week!

If you've never tried squeegee painting, we highly recommend it ;) The kids stood at the easel and squirted lines of paint on the paper. Then, they used a squeegee to pull the paint side to side or up and down. The kids really enjoyed the movement and the results are beautiful.

At the other activity table, the children worked on their Mother's Day card.

They continued this project on Wednesday.

Also Wednesday, it was dahlia planting time! The kids went out to the garden and prepared the soil for planting the bulbs. While they were out there, they looked for and found the rocks they painted at the beginning of the school year.

On Friday, our classroom was full of beautiful flowers! The kids decorated paper and then picked out their favorite flowers to make a bouquet for their mom. The rest of the Mother's Day gift your child created will be coming soon!

Around the room, the kids stayed very engaged...

They played with the dollhouse in the texture table.

The water tub offered plastic animals, waterwheels, and buckets for play.

At the light table, we had models of the frog and butterfly life cycle to explore.

Our magnetic cars and road were at the building table.

We enjoy watching the kids pull out their memory boxes and portfolios. They love to see how much they've grown and reminisce about things they've done. 

Using large wooden pincers and strengthening their hand muscles, the kids picked up plastic bugs and put them into bowls that looked like little birds.

The kids continued to share their adventures with Panda. Panda is one lucky stuffed animal!

Every day, friends were playing and creating....

...checking out the cocoons...

...and holding Ginger and Scarlet.

At the carpet, we did rhythm sticks, yoga, a mystery word, books, and new songs!

We got the bikes out on these beautiful days we've been having!

What a great week with your kiddos - you Moms should be proud. You are all amazing and we wish you the the Happiest Mother's Day!

Take care,

Sheri and Lisa

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