Sunday, April 15, 2018

Under the sea YC - Teacher Meghan

This week we took a trip to the deep blue sea and explored everything ocean.

At the water table we had sea creatures, nets, scoops and shimmery silver sea shells.

At our fine motor table we had a bin of kinetic sand which was perfect for building sand castles.

At our light table we had translucent multi-colored fish and sea shells for the kids to play with.

At our building table we had a pirate scene complete with a treasure chest, a parrot and loads of scary pirates.

At creation station we had fish bases for open ended art and stencils with different ocean shapes.

At our play dough table we had shells, sparkly rocks and plastic sea creatures.

We are incubating chicks in our classroom! We are keeping our fingers crossed that in approximately 21 days we will have some baby chicks to hold and observe. The kids loved looking at the different stages of a chick embryo and they are so excited about the eggs.

On Tuesday the kids made starfish with gold glitter glue and cheerios for the suckers.

Our second parent led activity on Thursday was studying and sorting shells by size. The kids loved examining the shells close up using magnifying glasses and did a great job sorting shells into the categories of large and small.

On Thursday our art project was making giant fish using knobby rollers dipped in paint to make the scales. Sparkly jewel eyes and a shake of glitter helped to add some shimmer and shine to the project.

Our second parent led activity on Thursday was a math activity. The kids first went fishing for fish with numbers on them. After identifying the number on the fish they caught they would stamp that many sea creatures in their fish bowl.

Here is a peek of your kids at play around the room.

During circle time this week we read a hilarious story about a puffer fish, learned a funny song about fish with pockets and did a fish rhyme on the flannel board.

Next week we start our community unit with a grocery store and transportation theme.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us!
Meghan and Susie

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