Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Aliens are Coming to the YC! - Teacher Sheri

This week we read the book Here Come the Aliens and it was very fitting for our week of alien making, melted crayon planets, and astro-blast painting!

On Tuesday, everyone started with a cone and styrofoam ball base and then got to imagine what kind of alien they wanted to make. They stuck in straws, toothpicks, pipecleaners, and added eyes. They are on display in our case and are so much fun!

At our other table, the children built towers out of foam blocks and then took aim with balls to knock over their towers. This was a great introduction to pendulums and it required the kids to figure out how to control the swing by trying different ways of pulling the ball up and releasing it. It took lots of practice for some!

On Thursday, the kids' space mission was astro-blast painting! They dropped weighted socks dipped in paint into a cardboard box. They observed how the "asteroid" fell into the box with a satisfying splat and created a cosmicly cool painting.

They also created melted crayon planets by drawing with crayons on a piece of paper placed on a candle warmer. The kids were so careful with the hot plate and observed how the crayon metal into a liquid form.

Around the room, the kids continued to explore amazing space at the texture table... the water tub, where they made alien bug tea...

...and at the light table with colorful wedgits!

The kids spent a great deal of time with the gumball machines filled with marbles, pulling them out with fingers or tweezers and sorting them.

The Gravitron is one of our favorite things to bring out this time of year! The children use their bodies to move the contraption around in circles. It is such a great opportunity for them to use a new piece of equipment that requires use of different muscles.

We read some of the bear series such as Mooncake, Bear Shadow, and Happy Birthday, Moon, as well as Franklin in the Dark, and Papa Get the Moon for Me. We had lots of fun singing a song about a man who lived in the moon named Aiken Drum and Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. Ask your child what Aiken Drum's hair and eyes are made out of! ;)

We have moved on from yoga breaths to yoga poses and the kids are doing so well!

Here are some pictures from around the room and recess!

It was a wonderful week and so good to see everyone after Spring Break. Speaking of SPRING, next week we will see the first signs of spring at Small Friends, like eggs, chicks, bunnies, flowers. and more!

See you all soon, 

Sheri and Lisa

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