Sunday, April 15, 2018

Spring has sprung in the OC - Teacher Sheri

Signs of spring could be found both inside the classroom and outside this week! We enjoyed things like daffodils, beautiful watercolors, eggs, and plenty of rain. ;)

A dash of the season could be found in our sensory areas. In the texture table, there were plastic eggs, fuzzy bunnies and chicks, and several buckets and scoops.

Eggs, egg holders, water pitchers and cups were in the water tub and the kids spent a great deal of time filling eggs and pouring 'tea.'

At the building table, a building set with flowers and animals was an open invitation to creating.

Speaking of creating, the kids used pipe cleaners, beads, and glittery eggs to create egg gardens in styrofoam bases.

Various kinds of spinners were placed on the light table and the kids spent a lot of time here trying them out.

You may have noticed our beautiful daffodil garden in the hallway. The kids painted these flowers on Monday while observing a vase full of daffodils. There are many benefits to working on a vertical surface, such as hand/eye coordination, spatial awareness, and crossing the midline of the body with their dominant hand to reach all areas of the paper. 

At the other activity table, the kids really enjoyed playing a mama/baby duck game. It was great practice counting spaces as they went all over the board collecting the ducklings.


The big event on Monday was the arrival of our guinea pigs, Ginger and Scarlet! Their previous owner brought them to the classroom and told the children a little bit about them. We were all SO excited! After letting them get adjusted that first day, we let the kids hold the little cuties on Wednesday. They are so sweet!

Another addition to the classroom on Monday was the incubator, full of 18 eggs that we hope will hatch! The incubation period is 21 days, so we have a lot of time to learn about and prepare for our chicks. The kids are so excited about and interested in this whole process.

On Wednesday, the kids did watercolor art that involved dropping watercolor on wax paper and then placing paper on top. They loved to observe how the paper absorbed the color - the watercolor moved and changed shape and mixed with the other colors.

Our other parent led activity was a challenging bunny balancing game! The kids had to balance plastic squares using the bunnies as pillars. Then they used a hook to carefully pull a bunny out without making the structure fall. This game offered a peek into engineering and also took some perseverance!

We headed up to the library for our weekly story time with Katrina and heard some pretty great stories!

Friends continued to stand up and tell everyone about their adventures with Panda.

We perfected our yoga series and used rhythm sticks.

Everyone had a great week inside and out.

Next week, we begin our unit on Community where we explore some of the things we see and do in our neighborhoods! 

Looking forward to seeing you all, 

Sheri and Lisa

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