Sunday, April 8, 2018

Space and shadow fun with the YC-Teacher Susie

We had such a great week exploring space and shadows with your kids.  Come take a look at what we had going on in our classroom this week.

Our water table has kinetic sand, astronauts, aliens and space themed cookie cutters in it.

We have a fun space, alien, moon crater set on our building table.

Our older class made planet themed sensory bottles for our light table.

Our fine motor table had "space boxes" on it. They contained magnetic wands and magnetic objects inside that the kids could try to remove with the wands.  The astronaut gloves were a fun accessory.

On Tuesday we used wax melters to make our own planets.  We had round pieces of white paper cut out and crayons that the kids could use to design and make their own planet.

Our second activity on Tuesday was playing with our projector and shadow screen.  The kids had fun putting different shapes on the projector and watching them appear on the screen.

On Thursday we made space windows.  The kids got to pick a colored plate, coat it with glitter glue an add all sorts of space themed sparkly items.  We have them on display in our room if you'd like to peek at them.

Our other parent led activity on Thursday was playing a guessing game with items on the projector.  The kids took turns putting items on the projector while kids on the other side of our shadow screen got to guess what the item might be.

Here are some pictures of your amazing kids busy at play.

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan

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