Sunday, April 8, 2018

Shadows and Solar Systems in the OC - Teacher Meghan

We had such a fun week with the kids as we continued to explore space and shadows.

On Monday the kids learned about our solar system by making sensory bottles in groups of two or three. They placed items inside a bottle that represented something unique about the Sun, Moon, Earth, Saturn, Mars, or the Asteroid Belt.These sensory bottles were out all week on our light table and the kids were so proud of what they had learned.

During circle time the kids presented their sensory bottle and shared some of the facts they had learned about the solar system.





On Monday we also played a version of twister. The kids rolled giant dice that had different space items and body parts. They had to place their bodies on the board according to what their partner had rolled with the dice.

On Wednesday the kids learned a bit about constellations and then they got to create their own constellation with metallic star stickers and white crayons.

Out in the hallway on Wednesday and Friday we set up overhead projectors and the children placed shapes on the screen, observing how they were projected on the wall. Once they decided how they wanted them placed, they traced the shapes.

Once the kids traced the shapes they came into the classroom and painted them with liquid watercolor. 

Around the classroom the outer space fun continued.

On the light table we had our solar system sensory bottles.

At the water table we had kinetic sand, star and moon cookie cutters, aliens and astronauts. This was the perfect setting for inter-galactic fun.

We had light brites at the writing table.

At our fine motor table we had astronaut boxes.

We had popoids available for the kids to build and play with.

At creation station we had a variety of fun space themed activities available.

In the loft we had a spaceship control panel to provide opportunities for dramatic play.

Here is a peek at your sweet kids playing around the classroom.

During circle time this week the kids shared their experience with panda, read silly space books, danced with bean bags and took a trip to the library.


Thank you for sharing your wonderful kids with us! 
This week is a short week, there is no school on Friday.
See you soon,
Teacher Meghan and Teacher Susie

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