Sunday, April 15, 2018

Happy Spring in the YC! Teacher Lisa

Spring has sprung and newness is all around. Perhaps the most exciting new thing in our classroom is the arrival of Scarlet and Ginger, our sweet little guinea pig sisters. These 1-year-old twins are getting used to the squeals and sounds of our classroom and got LOTS of love this week.

Something else that's new are the 18 eggs incubating right next to the guinea pigs. Since this takes 21 days (which can feel like an eternity when you're 3), we won't start really talking about this until we near their "due date" which is the beginning of May.

There were lots of other eggs out for the children to play with this week! They were in the texture table with cups, scoops and lots of little spring toys to tuck inside them.

They were in the water table along with bowls, cups and saucers for all kinds of concoctions.

They were on the flannel board.

They were at the creation station along with florist foam and pipe cleaners for designing sculptures.

At the light table we had a variety of tops and spinners out for the children to play with. This is a great fine motor activity because it takes strength and coordination to twist the little tops fast enough to set them in motion.

A flower garden appeared at our building table as children attached base pieces together and then added leaves, blossoms and animals in different combinations.

Here are some other photos of your kiddos at play this week (do you notice all of the collaborative play? We've been noticing more cooperation and groups working together which is so great!)

We did some fun process-based art, which is best described as art for art's sake and allows children to bask in the process without any specific end product in mind. On Tuesday children used liberal amounts of water color to cover a piece of paper and then sprinkled Epsom salts over the surface to create texture.

Thursday they painted with squeegees at the easels. 

Our other parent-led activities focused on counting. Tuesday they played a game moving a mama duck along according to the number they spun. As she passed certain points along the board, she collected her 3 ducklings and then they all headed to the center of the board for a birthday party.

On Thursday they opened plastic eggs to find jelly beans inside. They sorted and organized them according to their colors, counting as they went along and making observations about which colors had the most, least, or equal amounts.

During our time together at the carpet, we learned a song about "Al and Etta" who were collecting jelly beans and the children helped to act the song out.

We read Owen's Marshmallow Chick, Max's Chocolate Chicken, Ten Little Eggs, Cloud Land and  Mushroom in the Rain. We learned dragon pose and began playing a new stick song.

Recess was a bit drizzly, but we made it outside both days which was great!

In the coming weeks we will spend some time talking about the different people and places in our communities. Our dramatic play area has been transformed into a hospital and a pizzaria . It's going to be another fun week together!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful kids with us, and for all you do to help make each day great :)

See you soon,
Lisa and Sheri

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