Sunday, April 8, 2018

Asteroids, Astro-blasters and Inter-Galactic Adventures (OC) - Teacher Lisa

We came back from spring break to one more fun week of space exploration. Everyone was excited to use the gravitron - a one-of-a-kind contraption that children spin using their core strength.

The magna-tiles were out on our building table, along with some tin cans, magnetic eyeballs and slinkies for the children to create spaceships, aliens or whatever inspired their imaginations.

Kids had fun stacking the wedge-its in different combinations at the light table.

There were teacups, hand beaters, teapots and all kinds of creepy crawlies in the water table - everything the children needed for alien tea!

The texture table had lots of different space toys, along with buckets and shovels.

There were rubber balls suspended on strings that the children could swing to knock down foam block towers - like asteroid blasters!

We had gumball machines filled with marbles and suction cup "planets" for balancing the marbles on.

Our parent-led art activities this week included making rockets using cardboard tubes (thank you for all of your donations). These look so good hanging in our windows!

We put the leftover supplies from that project out at the creation station on Friday so that people who were interested could continue building.

Our other art activity was astro-blast painting. This fun process involved dipping a rock-filled sock in paint and then dropping it from a high place onto a piece of paper. The result was a blast of color!

At the second table we had a counting activity on Monday. Children chose a rocket and then built a launch pad using anywhere from 11 to 20 cubes.

On Wednesday they looked at pictures of constellations and then used stickers and white crayons to invent their own. When they were finished, they named them and now they're on display in the classroom. Come in and take a look!

Friday they headed to the hallway for a space-age version of Twister. One friend rolled two huge inflatable dice and directed another friend to place feet, hands, fingers or elbows on the designated shapes. They had lots of fun with this!

Here are some more photos of your kiddos at play during our free time:

At the rug this week we continued singing Aiken Drum. We read Franklin in the Dark, The Aliens are Coming! and Alien Returns

We practiced flowing through several different yoga poses: Mountain, Tree, Airplane, Warrior and Dragon. We close our practice each day with the phrase "kind heart, kind words, kind thoughts."  See if your child can show you some of our poses or teach you our closing words and motions.  We played instruments to a song about blasting off into space.

We are almost through our first round of Panda visits! Everyone is doing such a good job sharing and being thoughtful audience members.

Here are a few pictures from recess - you'll notice there is lots of interest in conquering the monkey bars lately :).

We are VERY excited to welcome Ginger and Scarlet this week. We will also begin incubating chicken eggs. Spring is all around and we are loving it!

Looking forward to another great week together,
Lisa and Sheri

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