Sunday, March 11, 2018

Pigs and Trolls in the YC - Teacher Sheri

Stories such as The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood never disappoint! The children loved hearing these tales, even if they were already familiar, because classics like these stand the test of time.

The children created their own muddy little pigs first thing on Tuesday morning. They painted, spread, scraped, and smushed brown paint all over their piggies and added googly eyes and button noses!

At our other activity table, the kids took part in a sink versus float science activity. There were a variety of items set out, such as a glass jewel, a feather, and a walnut. The kids could try and predict which items might float or sink and then tested out their theories.

The kids really made their way around the room and explored the new things we had out. To follow up last week's Billy Goats Gruff, we had trolls in the texture table along with black beans, scoops, and pitchers.

In the water table, jewels gold coins, and black pots allowed for lots of sensory water play.

There was so much building this week! Foam blocks were on the building table....

And big brick Mondo blocks were at the carpet!

Inspired by The Billy Goats Gruff, the kids dreamed up and made their own trolls out of playdough and embellished with google eyes, straws, and feathers. They are on display in our hallway display case!

Our other activity involved blowing as a test to see what might be light enough to be blown over or too heavy. They huffed and puffed and could see the results!

Around the room, the kids played with the gears..

 play dough...

 they created art...

 read books, and more!

At carpet time, we followed along with "Going on a Bear Hunt" and the kids really enjoyed that. They also heard more fairy tales and a couple of stories about wolves that are actually good instead of big and bad. ;)

Next week, we'll be seeing green as we have some fun with St. Patrick's Day and leprechauns. Also, there will be rainbows, castles, princesses and knights!

Thank you for a wonderful week with your kiddos - we look forward to another one soon!

Take care, 

Sheri and Lisa

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