Sunday, March 11, 2018

Huffing and Puffing in the OC - Teacher Lisa

We had fun becoming characters from The Three Pigs this week, building all kinds of block towers and blowing lots of hot air!

Monday the kids selected 20 blocks and built castles with them. 


We took their photos so that they could refer to them Wednesday to create 2-dimensional versions of those same castles. They did such a great job figuring out how to do it! Their work is hanging out in the hallway, so please check it out.

There's no better "tower-building" game than Jenga and we added our own twist on Monday to practice recognition of numbers 1-20. As players pulled blocks out and placed them on the top, they read the numbers out loud to one another. This was available again on Wednesday for those who wanted to play it some more.

Another activity on Wednesday was building houses for 3 little stuffed pigs and turning on our "Big, Bad Wolf" hair dryer to see if they stayed up or blew down. So fun!

On Friday children huffed and puffed to blow paint across paper cut in the shape of a house. These are on display in our classroom, along with muddy little pigs made by our younger class.

Our other parent-led project Friday was to retell the story of The Three Pigs while putting pictures from the story in chronological order.

Some of the other activities out around the room this week included trolls in the texture table...

Gold coins, green gems and lots of little leprechaun pots in the water tub...


Cardboard bricks on the carpet...

Translucent Duplos on the light table...

And a beanstalk growing up the side of our loft!

Speaking of beans - our bean seeds are starting to sprout and should be climbing up toward our castles by spring break.

Here are some of the other photos we took during free play:

During our time together at the rug, we read a story about the three pigs escaping from their story and meeting characters inside other books. See if your child can tell you what happened. We also read The Big Bad Wolf is Good and heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We learned a song that combines the alphabet with nursery rhymes and played our instruments while we went on a bear hunt.

The kids are all doing such a great job sharing Panda and calling on their friends in the audience to share questions or comments.

We celebrated birthdays...

And had lots of fun playing together outside.

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us! We are lucky teachers, indeed!

We'll see you soon,
Lisa and Sheri

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