Sunday, March 4, 2018

Fee Fi Fo Fum! (OC) Teacher Sheri

The Older Class journeyed into Fairy Tales this week and we began with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. It is wonderful to see how these beloved classics stand the test of time!

Around the room, we kept out the dinosaurs from the previous week because this class did not have a chance to explore them due to conferences.

In the texture table, big dinosaurs roamed around wood and plants. 

It was a sudsy dinosaur bath in the water tub, complete with little dinos, cups, scrubbers, and hand mixers to stir up bubbles.

The building table had an alphabet animal zoo set on it. The kids enjoyed playing with the different animals and pressing the pad to hear the animal sounds, names, and letters.

On Monday, we started the day with salad spinner art! The kids squeezed paint on paper plates and then spun it by yanking on the cord. This took a bit of coordination to successfully pull the cord hard enough, while also letting it spring back into place. What a fun project.

It was Memory Box time at the other table and the children added a heart wand in honor of February and Valentine's Day. Hard to believe February has come and gone already!

Inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk, we planted our own bean seeds on Wednesday. A parent helped the kids scoop soil into a cup, plant 3 bean seeds, and give it a good watering. We hope to see them grow soon!

At the other table, the children observed pictures of castles and drew their own with black pen. Then, they fluffed up some cotton balls for clouds and glued them on the bottom of the picture. On top, we placed a picture of them posing as a giant just like in the book!

On Friday, we transcribed the kids' answers to the question, "What would you do with Jack's golden eggs?" Then they decorated the paper with a picture and drew a beanstalk with fingerprint leaves. These will be added to their binders.

Also, a giant came to our room and left a footprint and a note! It challenged the kids to measure the footprint with unifix cubes and then use it as a measuring tool to find items around the room and determine if they were the same height, shorter, or taller than the footprint. Our parent helper recorded their answers and we shared the graph at carpet time.

The other big news at carpet time this week was the introduction of PANDA! Panda went home with the first student on Monday and will continue to go home with each child, giving them all a chance to spend time with Panda and share about it in front of the class.

We also tried our 'Fish and Chips and Vinegar" song in a round and the kids did great! A round really requires them to focus on doing their activity while something is going on simultaneously.

On a serious note, we talked about the passing of Louise and showed the kids her pawprints in clay. We will always treasure her and have such amazing memories of that sweet girl!

We took a great trip up to the library for story time with Katrina.

We brought out the bridge/boat and the kids loved finding different ways to use it.

More pics from around the room....

All in all, it was a great week. As this class grows and matures, it makes things exciting because we can do so much more with them! Looking ahead to next week, we will dive deeper into fairy tales with the The Three Little Pigs at the top of our list.

Until then, take care!

Sheri and Lisa

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