Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dinosaurs, Trolls and Magic Beans (YC) Teacher Lisa

This week was a bit of a potpourri with dinosaurs, fairy tales and more! We kept the dinosaurs out because we didn't really get to play with them much last week. There were some very large ones in our texture table, along with plastic eggs - perfect for filling with rice or tucking a tiny dino into.

At the water tub, children used hand beaters to whip up some bubbles and soapy sponges to scrub those dinosaurs clean!

The dinosaur puzzles were available, as have dinosaur cookie cutters and stamps.

It was sweet to see some of the children gathering around the photo album to find pictures of Louise.

There was a zoo out on the building table, complete with 26 different animals - one for each letter of the alphabet. The accompanying mat had buttons that the children could push to hear both animal and letter names and sounds.

There is a bit of a Perler bead obsession going on and lots of the children are trying their hand at this fine motor challenge. We are really impressed with their determination!

We are spending some time with fairy tales and after reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff we planted grass in plastic cups. Each child gave us their best troll face (we have a lot of very sweet trolls as it turns out)  and we took their pictures so we can attach them to the cups to make it look like there is "grass hair" growing straight up out of their heads. We told them when it gets long enough, they can give themselves a hair cut!

We also trip-trapped over the bridge, pretending to be billy goats, trolls or whatever else the children wanted to imagine.

We learned how to play a game called "Race to the Castle" with our parent helper on Tuesday and then put it out for the children to play on their own.

The beautiful marbled art projects hanging in the hallway were created on Tuesday. After adding drops of paint to shaving cream, the children swirled them around using a wooden stylus, laid a piece of paper gently on top of their design, lifted it and scraped off the excess shaving cream...and VOILA!

Here are some other photos of our free time...

We sang and danced to "Here Come the Dinosaurs!" We also chanted "Five Fat Sausages" and sang a color song called "Here Comes Uncle Jesse". 

We read a couple of different books about beanstalks and magic beans - Jasper's Beanstalk and Jack and the Beanstalk. We also read about some silly dinosaurs who LOVE tacos!

It was nice to have a little sunshine outside on Thursday.

We've got some fun Three Little Pigs activities planned for the week, and are looking forward to the magic of shamrocks and leprechauns!

Until then...
Lisa and Sheri

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