Sunday, February 4, 2018

Some Things are Worth the Wait (YC) Teacher Lisa

I read an article the other day about how children in today's culture of instant-access-to-just-about-everything aren't getting as many natural opportunities to practice waiting and to learn the important skill of delayed gratification.

It was an interesting read and made me look more carefully at how we build "waiting" into our classroom activities. This week, children had LOTS practice! On Tuesday, everyone waited in line for a turn at our ball run. They stood at the bottom as the balls rolled down, down, down and finally plopped into their waiting buckets. Then they headed up the stairs to dump them out and watched as they rolled to the next friend down below. Many of them willingly stood in line multiple times to have another turn.

We had slime out on the light table and their favorite thing to do with this is to let it drip through the slotted rack so they can cut all of the dangling strings. Slime is not exactly fast-moving though, and it takes several minutes before there is anything to cut...another great opportunity to practice waiting!

A few of the children have been interested in making Perler bead designs. The beads are tiny and it takes precision, patience and perseverance to finish a design. This is absolutely an exercise in delayed gratification.

On Thursday we made pancakes for Pajama Day. Children waited until it was their turn to come to the table. They helped mix the batter, watched as it was poured onto the griddle, and then waited for enough bubbles to appear so that they could help flip them over. After a little more waiting, it was finally time to add some syrup and enjoy a very well-earned treat!

Not everything happening in our classroom required quite so much patience though :). On Tuesday we had fun playing in shaving cream. A few friends were reluctant to touch it, but most of them eventually warmed up to the idea and some probably would have rolled around in it if we'd let them!

Thursday we made headbands and accessories for the stuffed animals that came to school. They all looked so fancy! Some friends even made leashes and took their guests for a walk around the room.


In our older class we've been talking about Chinese New Year (which is February 16). The take-out containers, bowls, spoons, chopsticks, gold buttons and confetti in the rice table are part of this celebration and our younger class had lots of fun this week preparing a variety of rice dishes.

The snakes in our water table are another Chinese New Year toy. They, along with lots of bouncy water beads, were collected in nets and critter catchers.

Everyone was VERY excited to play with the big trucks from Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan's classroom. 

Here are some of the other things that your kiddos enjoyed doing during their free time this week:

During our group time, we read Waiting Is Not Easy! and I'll Wait, Mr. Panda. We also read 10 Minutes 'Til Bedtime!, The Napping House, and Pancakes! 

We had a dance party with our stuffed animals - so fun!

Last but not least, we had fun running and playing together outside.

Now that January is over, the penguins and polar bears have been replaced by hearts and flowers as we excitedly await Valentine's Day and all the special ways we will celebrate friends and loved ones.

Thanks for being a part of our days - we always enjoy our mornings with your little ones...and we can't wait until Tuesday! ;)

Until next time,
Lisa and Sheri

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