Sunday, February 4, 2018

PJ's & Pancakes! (OC) Teacher Sheri

What better way to end the month of January than coming to school in our jammies and making pancakes! Here is a look at Pajama Day and the rest of our week.

When the kids arrived Monday, there were some changes around the room. It was out with the snow and in with the water, snakes, and water beads in the tub. 

You may have noticed an Asian theme at the texture table, kicking off our recognition of the upcoming Chinese New Year. We didn't manage to get a picture...but if the amount of rice on the floor is any indication, kids definitely made their way over. ;)

The light table was slimed! Slime makes for an ever enticing medium to play with, stretch, touch, cut, and more.

At the building table was a building set, which the children loved to create with. They built cars, towers, and bulldozers.

On Monday, the kids went out into the hallway with our parent helper and tossed snowballs through a snowman cutout. It took aim and concentration to successfully get the balls through!

Inside the classroom, we added January's memory to journals and a snowflake to memory boxes.

Perler beads remained a main attraction.

The kids were welcome to paint with colored ice (frozen watercolor) and some beautiful creations were made.

On Wednesday, it was fun to see so many friends arrive in pajamas! A couple of things were added to the room such as mini pancakes to flip on the skillets and a pretend pancake set, coffee pot, and mixer.

Our parent helper invited each child over to make accessories or nametags for their stuffies. As usual, the kids had awesome ideas for what they wanted to make their stuffed animals.

At the other table, it was pancake making! The children participated in making the batter...

...they waited patiently for the pancakes to cook...

..then enjoyed the finished product ;)

There were many excited faces when they discovered the ball run on the loft! Sending the balls racing down the gutters or catching them at the bottom is so satisfying, however, the ball run is really an opportunity to learn about collaboration! They have to coordinate with one another in order for it to run smoothly - they were able to work it out with minimal assistance from us and we are very proud of them.

We had a dance party with our stuffies and read books about going to bed, pancakes, and waiting.

It was a great two days and this class leaves us smiling at every turn. Thank you for having such awesome kiddos!

See you next week, 

Sheri and Lisa 

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