Sunday, February 11, 2018

Love is in the air OC, Teacher Susie

Our room finally transformed from winter into Valentines!!  It's always fun to introduce a new theme and make some changes in the room.  Come take a peek!

We dyed the rice in our touch table into beautiful purple, pinks and red colors.  Add a few vases full of flowers and voila, a flower shop.

Fish and snakes may not seem to fit our Valentines décor, but the kids LOVE it and that's what Valentines is all about.  We have nets and water beads to top it off.


What could be better than chocolate play-doh?  This play-doh has cocoa powder added to it and smells divine.  The kids are having fun cooking up all kinds of chocolate concoctions. 

Translucent sparkly beads and cookie cutters are on our light table.

Magna-tiles are a favorite and are on our building table this week.


We have all sorts of items to make Valentines crafts with at creation station.

We had a great time building with fort builders.  Helping the kids construct their ideas into creations was one of the parent led activities on Monday.

Look at the castle and igloo they worked so hard together to create!

Our second parent led activity is a Valentines surprise.  Here are a few sneak peeks.

On Wednesday we decorated our Valentines bags.  The kids could stamp with paint, color and we had the hot glue out to glue on the bling!

Our second activity on Wednesday was working on sequencing with candy hearts.  We had four different sequencing patterns that the kids identified and then practiced the color pattern with colored candy hearts.


Friday was our first friendship Friday celebration party!!  The kids chose to have a popcorn party.  What a great way to celebrate the teamwork and friendships we have seen in our room.  One of the activities was blowing a piece of popped popcorn with a straw.  The kids had fun seeing how quickly they could get the popcorn from one end of the tray to the other.  

Our other parent led activity was tasting and graphing popcorn.  We had cheese popcorn, kettle corn and air popped popcorn.  The kids got to taste them all, chose their favorite, wrote their name on a popcorn shaped piece of paper and then graphed their results.  The winner was cheese, followed by kettle corn and then air popped.  We showed the results and talked about the graph during circle time.

We had another popcorn activity out during free play.  We used muffin tin liners to write down the numbers 10-21.  The kids could identify the number and then count out popcorn pieces into the corresponding muffin liner.

During circle time we learned a new series of "pet" yoga moves, we played a hiding heart number game with our giant flannel board, we played music, sang, danced, hugged and celebrated a birthday.  On Friday we had a special friendship circle to say goodbye to Sander and Kadri who are moving.  We went around the circle and let the kids say goodbye and tell them something special if they wanted too.  It was really sweet!!


Thank you for sharing your children with us!
Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan

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