Sunday, February 11, 2018

Love and hearts in the YC -Teacher Meghan

This week winter was gone and love was all around.

So how do we show this love?? By putting snakes, fish and water beads in the water tub of course!

At the light table we had translucent jewels, clear heart shaped cookie cutters and tiny red cups.

At Creation Station we had heart shaped doilies, red, pink and purple plates and a variety of Valentine bling for the kids to create with.

At the building table we had magna tiles and the kids built houses, castles and a variety of other amazing structures.

This week we had CHOCOLATE play dough and it smelled good enough to eat.

We had a flower shop in our texture table with silk flowers, vases and multi-colored rice.

Here is a peek at the kids at play around the room.

One of our parent led activities this week was making exploding hearts with our budding scientists. Armed with candy hearts, baking soda and colored vinegar, the kids got to observe the chemical reaction that occurs when baking soda is mixed with vinegar.

Our other parent led activity on Tuesday was working on a little surprise for Valentine's day.

On Thursday the kids sorted Valentine candy hearts into plastic shaped containers of the same color. 

On Thursday the kids also decorated their bags for Valentine's Day with red, purple and pink paint and heart shaped stamps.

During circle time this week we danced with bean bags, started pet yoga, learned a new song and played a game called "Hide Ms. Valentine".

We had such a wonderful week with your kids and can't wait to celebrate Valentine's Day on Tuesday with them.
See you soon,
Meghan and Susie 

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