Sunday, February 11, 2018

L-O-V-E in Our OC - Teacher Lisa

We're having fun getting ready for Valentine's Day in our room. The rice in our texture table has been dyed pink, purple and red. This was a flower-arranging activity this week and the results were beautiful!

Our tub was filled with hearts, flower petals, baskets and nets.

The delicious chocolate scent in the room came from our play dough table where children made all sorts of delectable confections using cocoa play dough.

We set out some "conversation heart" patterning activities in our puzzle area.

There were hearts, doilies and sparkly embellishments available at the creation station.

Unicorns, colored cups and translucent blocks were out on our light table.

There was lots of collaboration at the building table this week as children worked together to build marble mazes. Some of their towers were so tall that they had to move them to the floor. 

The blocks continue to be a popular activity and there were more amazing structures created this week! 

We have some kimonos out in our dramatic play area and the kids had fun trying them on.

Some of the other activities that we saw during our free play time included board games, Perler beads, the ball run and (always a favorite) reading together on the couch.

One of our parent-led art projects this week was a Valentine necklace made out of Model Magic. Children rolled the clay and made their hearts on Monday. On Friday they decorated them using paint, gems and heart confetti.

Wednesday they decorated the bags that will hold their Valentines. There were a variety of materials out that they could choose from and each bag is unique and beautiful.

At our other "parent table" we did a lower-case letter recognition activity on Monday. Children selected a tile with a capital letter on it and then used paint dobbers to mark the corresponding lower case letter on a sheet of paper. They worked hard!

Wednesday they practiced recognizing and counting numbers from 11-20. They "built" the numerals with play dough and then counted out the corresponding number of candy hearts.

On Friday we did an exciting science experiment using milk and Dawn dish washing liquid. After pouring some warm milk onto a plate, children squeezed drops of food coloring onto the surface and then watched the colors swirl when they added the soap. So fun!

During our time together on the rug we learned to finger-spell L-O-V-E and sang "Love is Something if You Give it Away." We also sang "I'm a Little Pile of Tin." See if your child can show you the honk-honk-rattle-rattle-rattle-crash-beep-beep part!

We danced and moved to songs from around the world. Our instruments were vegetable shakers and the kids decided it would be fun to walk on their knees :).

We went to the library on Wednesday and are so impressed with how well the children walk through the hallways to get there. Kindergarten, here they come!

They love their time outside, and it's so fun to see them playing together.

We're looking forward to celebrating Valentine's Day with everyone on Wednesday - although we certainly don't need a Hallmark holiday to remind us how special you and your kids are to us. We think you're all pretty great!

Until Monday,
Lisa and Sheri

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