Sunday, February 11, 2018

It's All Hearts & Flowers in the YC! - Teacher Sheri

Love was in the air this week! We had a great time preparing bags for Valentine's Day, doing baking soda/vinegar heart fizzies, and more heart related activities.

One of the changes we made to the room was dyeing the rice in the texture table pink and purple. We added flowers, vases, and cups. The children have loved making arrangements and filling vases.

At the building table, we put out marble run pieces and we were impressed out at how quickly they caught on to engineering different mazes successfully.

Translucent blocks with horses and unicorns, and bam, you've got a light table full of goodness to explore!

On Tuesday, the children participated in an all time favorite science experiment - combining baking soda and vinegar! They put two candy hearts inside a cookie cutter, then covered them with a scoop of baking soda. They used pipettes to squirt vinegar on top, making it bubble/fizz until revealing the hearts underneath.

At our other activity table, the kids rolled out pieces of Model Magic clay, used cookie cutters to create a heart shape, and added a hole at the top. Once these have air-dried, they will embellish them as the final touch.

Around the room, there was so much going on. First of all, we brought out our collection of kimonos in honor of the upcoming Chinese New Year and the kids enjoyed trying them on!

The chocolate playdough smelled good enough to eat.

They checked out the geo boards...

Played with wind-up toys....

Spent time at the writing center...

Used the ball run...

There was even a wedding!

Next up was decorating their Valentines Bags. They used heart shaped sponges to stamp their bags and added a flourish of glitter.

A candy heart patterning activity took place at the other table. The concept of patterns was new for some and familiar to others, so it was a great opportunity to use something fun like candy hearts to reinforce color and pattern.

We learned songs like "Skiddamarink" and "I Love You, You Love Me". It warms our hearts to see how much more comfortable they have become participating in songs and movement! Here's us getting our groove on to some world music using vegetable shakers.

Next week, we look forward to passing out Valentines and enjoying another week together. We are grateful for your children and for you, such wonderful families!

See you soon, 

Sheri and Lisa

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