Sunday, February 4, 2018

Ice Cream and Pancakes in the OC- Teacher Meghan

We had a delicious and tasty week. On Monday we made ice cream and on Wednesday we had pajama day and made pancakes.  It was such a yummy way to spend the week.

On Monday we made ice cream.

First the kids measured out the ingredients which included cream, sugar and vanilla.

Next they shook their concoction in a bag of ice and rock salt until it was thick and creamy.

Last, they enjoyed all of their hard work.

On Monday the kids also put snowflakes in their memory boxes and reflected on things they did in the month of January.

On Wednesday we had pajama day!!

The kids helped to make pancakes and then enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

They made crowns and jewelry for their stuffed animals.

When the kids took a break from helping make real pancakes we had a pretend set available for dramatic play.

Around the room we celebrated the last week of our winter theme with a variety of new activities.

At the light table we had artic animals with rock salt and "ice cubes".

At our building table we had a penguin playground.

We had "snow" in our water table. 

At our fine motor table we had perler beads available to make cool crafts.

We got a nerf basketball hoop this week and the kids loved shooting hoops with friends.

Here is a peek of all the kids at play this week.

At circle time this week we did some special dances with our stuffies, read books about pajamas and pancakes and celebrated a birthday!


The kids have been working hard to be kind friends and this week our compliment chain touched the ground. The kids were so excited. Next Friday we will have a mini-celebration in honor of all their hard work.

We enjoyed a few rain free days and took full advantage of our time outside.

We are so excited for all the fun coming up. Love is in the air this week!
See you on Monday,
Meghan and Susie

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