Sunday, January 7, 2018

Welcome Back OC-Teacher Susie

Happy 2018!  We are so glad to be back at school.  We missed your kids during Winter Break and are excited to see them this week.  Our room has transformed into a winter wonderland, come take a peek!!

Our touch table is filled with rice and glittery snowflakes.  We have it filled with cars, windmills and lots of items for scooping and pouring.

Let's go skiing at our building table! We have a ski hill and building pieces that make skiers. The kids had fun creating ski scenes and racing their creations down the hill.  The ice obstacles were pretty fun to set up too.


We had some new puzzles, games and snowflake beading available during free play.


The kids explored creating snowmen with shapes that were available on our light table.

We did lots of painting during free play and caught up on snuggles with baby Mabel and feeding the fish.



The kids got busy at the writing table making letters and cards for their friends and families.

We started a two day art project on Monday.  The final product will be a winter scene with birch trees.  The first step was taping an area on the paper that will be painted over with watercolor.  Next, the kids used liquid water color to cover the paper and then they sprinkled their project with Epsom salt. 

Here are some pictures of the kids finishing their projects on Friday.  After their painting was dry we removed the tape.  The white space that was left formed the tree.  The kids observed a piece of wood to help guide them in drawing the bark and lines on their trees.

Our other parent led activity on Wednesday was a game.  We have a big snowman poster board with circle shaped cut out.  The kids got to toss snowballs (plastic golf balls) into the holes.  There was a lot of strategy and running around involved as the snowballs were pretty lightweight and bouncy.

Our second activity on Friday was for the kids to practice writing the letters of their names in shaving cream. This is such a fun way to work on writing letters and letter identification. The kids had a blast getting messy while writing their names.

During circle time this week we read books about snowmen and polar bears. Our instrument this month is the drums which the kids very enthusiastically played.

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Teacher Susie and Teacher Meghan

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