Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ringing in the New Year OC style! - Teacher Sheri

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018!  We were so excited to get back to school and we could tell the kids were, too!

January is a great time to explore all things winter, so around the room we had a snowy theme going.  In the texture table polar bears floated on glass icebergs and big jugs could be filled with rice.

One of the most popular areas was the tub filled with snow! (hair conditioner mixed with baking soda) Between filling buckets, driving cars through it, and digging their hands in it, friends spent a lot of time in this area!

At the light table, it was an exercise in balance as they stacked plastic containers to make a snowman body and added eyes, buttons, hat, and more.

This class has really embraced Creation Station and it is fun to see what they come up with when we provide different materials they can choose from. At times, we prompt with an idea or sample, but what they create on their own is always better. 

Magnetic balls and connectors were on the building table. They constructed three dimensional designs and attached them in long lines, and sometimes they just explored their magnetic qualities.

On Monday we began a two day art project making a winter birch tree scene. The first step was applying painter's tape on watercolor paper to create the tall trees. Next, they painted in between the trees with purple and blue watercolor. Lastly, they dropped epsom salts on the watercolor, which then instantly crystallizes and creates a snowy effect.

On Wednesday, they pulled off the tape to reveal the trees and, looking at a photo for inspiration, they drew the black lines of the tree and the darker details of the birch tree bark. We hung them up in the classroom and they are beautiful!

One of our parent led activities was a Polar Bear ABC game - a fun way to identify lower case letters and spell words. The kids fished for the letters and worked together to place them on the card to spell the word.

Our other activity was a sensory one using shaving cream - a chance to write in "snow!" The kids began by writing their names either with their finger or a stylus. They also rolled a dice with different types of lines on it and did line writing.

At carpet time, we learned a song about a snowman - ask your child what happened to the snowman's nose!
Teacher Lisa told a story about snow cake and it ended with a beautiful snowflake, which we will teach the kids to make on the next school day. 

We read Snip, Snip...Snow and Froggy Gets Dressed. We also had fun doing a beanbag boogie and learned to balance them on our bodies.

This week, we observed very positive interactions between children, and lots of engagement in games, painting, puzzles, and more!

Next week we look forward to more learning in our winter wonderland!

See you soon,

Sheri and Lisa

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