Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hurray for 2018! (YC) Teacher Lisa

Happy New Year, everyone! It was SO great to be back at school Thursday. The children walked (bounded) into the classroom and got busy!

There are polar bears, ice blocks, shovels and large pitchers in our texture table. It's quite a task to fill those pitchers to the brim, but oh, so satisfying to dump out all of that rice!

The delicious smell in the room is the coconut hair conditioner mixed with baking soda in our tub. This combination makes a wonderfully soft "snow" that is perfect for scooping, squeezing or packing. It's even a little cool to the touch!

There are snowmen on the light table and at the flannel board.

One of our parent-led activities was playing Don't Break the Ice. The "mainstream" strategy for this game is to carefully knock the blocks out without upsetting the ice skater. However, our preferred approach was to hammer like crazy and knock everything out as quickly as possible!

The other parent activity was painting with snowflake stamps and adding silver glitter to create sparkly winter scenes. Come in to see everyone's artwork displayed on the wall.

There are some new items at the Creation Station. One is paper mittens (or, as one child observed, oven mitts). There are also Q-tips, doilies, silver & gold ribbon, snowflakes, clear gems, confetti, packing peanuts, and a variety of wintry foam shapes.

Louise got lots of love, snuggles and treats.

At the building table there were magnetic rods and steel balls to explore.

It was fun for the children to get back to familiar games and toys.

During our literacy time, we played a rhyming game with colored mittens.

We also danced with beanbags, balancing them on different parts of our bodies.

We read Red is Best and Froggy Gets Dressed. Ask your child to tell you about the funny thing that happened to Froggy.

It was cold but dry out on the playground and we were definitely ready to get out and run in the fresh air!

Here's to a busy 2018, filled with play and laughter!

Lisa and Sheri

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